Together with customersSocial Report

Together with customers

Solution case study–helping to ensure safety and peace of mind in urban areas

The JVCKENWOOD Groupʼs B to B business helps customers solve problems. Applying our high-quality video, audio and radio equipment, JVCKENWOOD proposes systems using expertise and technologies accumulated within the Group over many years and offers comprehensive solutions ranging from facility design and installation to maintenance and after-sales services.

Since construction of the TOKYO SKYTREE high-rise building, the surrounding area has changed rapidly. Currently, as many as 25 million people visit this previously quiet and traditional residential area annually, which is expected to bring significant economic benefits. However, there are concerns about antisocial behavior including rubbish left behind by visitors, conflicts between visitors and local residents, and noise late at night. As a result, it has been decided to install roadside security cameras in key areas to ensure safety and peace of mind for both local residents and visitors. These cameras are considered to be the most effective tools for crime prevention.

Before installation of the roadside security cameras, the Council for Promoting Safety and Peace of Mind in Areas Surrounding TOKYO SKYTREE compared cameras sold by several manufacturers including JVCKENWOOD to evaluate their performance. The product performance of JVCKENWOODʼs security cameras (e.g. sharp image quality enabling users to identify individuals and vehicle number plates, as well as 0.3 lux minimum illumination and 24-hour surveillance (i.e. night-time surveillance capability)) was highly evaluated. As a result, the Council selected JVCKENWOOD products.

A total of 66 network security cameras have been installed within a radius of 800 m of TOKYO SKYTREE and along a nearby river where many visitors gather. These cameras produce sharp images and are supported by a 24-hour surveillance video recorder system.

Since installing the system, the Council for Promoting Safety and Peace of Mind in Areas Surrounding TOKYO SKYTREE has started patrols and other activities in cooperation with the local police and Sumida Ward. However, according to Council members, JVCKENWOODʼs roadside security cameras are very effective tools for preventing unexpected trouble and antisocial behavior. We are delighted to be able to help ensure safety and peace of mind in urban areas through our B to B solutions.

  • * Interview with: The Council for Promoting Safety and Peace of Mind in Areas Surrounding TOKYO SKYTREE
  • * TOKYO SKYTREE is a registered trademark of Tobu Railway Co., Ltd. and Tobu Tower Sky Tree Co., Ltd.

Involvement in new businesses that use elemental technologies

Gaze Point Sensing System"GazeFinder" evaluate social development

JVCKENWOOD has developing social developmental evaluation equipment Gaze Point Sensing System"GazeFinder" using our technologies for image processing and optics, in cooperation with United Graduate School of Child Development ※, This equipment is aimed at checking social development of children in a short time by measuring the gaze points for stimulus images.

Children with autism spectrum disorders tend to be behind in social development. Early care is thought that can expect more improvement of social development. We have started experiments that measure at 1 year 6 months old children medical checkup, Gaze Point Sensing System"GazeFinder" detect a risk as early as possible, and connect to early care.

* United Graduate School of Child Development
Comprised solely of independent post-doctoral researchers at national universities: Osaka University, Kanazawa University, Hamamatsu University School of Medicine, Chiba University, and University of Fukui

The details of GazeFinder

Development Manager
Koichi Nakajo

Comments from a joint researcher

Children with autism, starting in infancy, exhibit tendencies to not look at other people's eyes and to look for repetitive patterns and designs rather than people. I expect that this social developmental evaluation equipment "GazeFinder" support objective check of developmental disorders by introducing.

United Graduate School of Child Development, Research Leader
Osaka University, Professor
Taiichi Katayama

Connecting with customers

Customer comments are reflected into products and services

Every day we organize and categorize the opinions of customers that visit our customer support and service departments and the thoughts and ideas of our registered users and deliver this feedback through our in-house customer feedback system to operating departments and any related departments.This allows us to facilitate improvements in products and services based on customer feedback as we work to provide full product information and support information to our customers.

Customer comments are reflected into products and services

Basic policy on product safety

In order to provide safety and peace of mind to customers, the JVCKENWOOD Group established its basic policy on product safety and posted it for the public on the JVCKENWOOD Group website.

To put this into practice, the JVCKENWOOD Group created a Voluntary Action Plan for product safety to organize and carry out measures in an effort to continuously improve.

If an accident related to a product occurs, JVCKENWOOD confirms the actual situation quickly and investigates the cause. If we determine there is a safety problem, or even just the risk of one, we recall the product and implement measures to prevent further occurrence or spread of the danger.

We then use the proper channels to swiftly provide information to customers and other people involved.

Consult our website for our basic policies relating to product safety.

We have posted Using Products Safely on our web site. This information is easy-to-understand and explains how customers can use our products safely and with confidence.

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