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Connection with society

VICTOR STUDIO held an event at Yokohama OTOMATSURI 13 (Sound festival)

Yokohama OTOMATSURI was held from September 20 to November 30, 2013 at various cultural, tourist and other facilities in Yokohama City. VICTOR STUDIO joined this festival as one of the Gold Sponsors. This music festival generated an economic ripple effect of about 15.2 billion yen with about 3.8 million visitors in total.
One of the co-sponsored events at this festival was the “Victor Studio Experience 2 Days in Yokohama.” For this event, VICTOR STUDIO's engineers held lectures on topics such as recording and mastering, and explained the process of creating pieces of music, giving trial listening opportunities to participants. Post-lecture survey results showed that over 90% of students gave a score of 4 points or higher (out of 5 points), indicating their level of satisfaction with the event. We are pleased to have been able to give some excitement to the many people who attended these lectures.

GEMBA WALK (factory tour) by university students

In our factory in France, we held “GEMBA WALK (factory tour)” as part of our exchange activities in collaboration with universities in the neighborhood. We are pleased that students who participated in this event were able to deepen their understanding of factory operations and tasks by having opportunities to join the factory tour and ask questions. After the “GEMBA WALK (factory tour),” our employees held a meeting with them, asking for their proposals such as tips for improving operations and new ideas. Many opinions were vigorously exchanged at this meeting, which also offered our employees good opportunities to become aware of new ideas. Our factory in France takes a positive stance for cooperative activities between industry and the academic world, building cooperative relationships with the region.

Cooperation for the filming of “REC4”

Movie scene in the middle of filming “REC4”

The “REC” horror movie series (three films) were filmed in Gran Canaria Island, Spain. They are newsworthy movies which were shown at the Tokyo International Film Festival and the Venice International Film Festival. JVCKENWOOD's wireless devices were used in various scenes of the latest movie “REC4” (to be released in October 2014). Among others, when the crime scene was shot on ship, a soldier used JVCKENWOOD's transceiver to contact his fellow soldier. This transceiver is a highly durable, waterproof product satisfying the military standards of the United States Department of Defense. When we saw the soldier putting this transceiver on his shoulder, we thought that we could be of some help to create a realistic image.

Ski team sponsorship

In Canada, there are vast ski hills where many skiers visit from around the world, and skiing is one of the most popular sports in this country.
As a radio communication equipment supplier for the Canadian National Ski Teams (Alpine Canada) that include Alpine Ski Team, Para-Alpine Ski Team and Cross-Country Ski Team, JVCKENWOOD cosponsored the ski championships held in Canada and other countries from December 2012 to March 2013. In the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games, several skiers represented Canada. Through such sponsorship, JVCKENWOOD has maintained sound relationships with Canada to promote its sports and culture.

Contribution to regional society

To maintain regional relationships in Thailand, factory employees in this country have given scholarships and school supplies to local elementary school students, and also made charitable contributions for a long period of time. For example, they have given money, rice, used clothes, etc. to the disabled. These employees will be continuously conducting regionally rooted activities, and through these activities, JVCKENWOOD aims to remain a regionally trusted company.

Support activities for rugby team

Scene of Petrarca Padova game

In Italy, sports are very popular. Considering this national character, JVCKENWOOD has continuously sponsored Italian teams and athletes.
In 2013, JVCKENWOOD became a sponsor of Petrarca Padova, which belongs to Italy's premier rugby league and won the 2010- 2011 Eccellenza Championship. Through such sponsorship, JVCKENWOOD has maintained sound relationships with Italy to promote its sports and culture.

Support activities for disaster recovery

Picture images

In the U.S., JVCKENWOOD has conducted various activities depending on its objectives or those of its employees. Many countries suffered from natural disasters in 2013. JVCKENWOOD solicited monetary donations for the restoration of damaged areas and for disaster victims in need of financial support.

  • ・Restoration support for areas stricken by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines that caused 2,300 deaths
  • ・Restoration support for damages caused by Moore tornado that struck some areas in Oklahoma
  • ・Contributed about 14,000 dollars to supporting organizations for the purpose of supporting families of firemen who lost their lives during firefighting operations for one of the worst forest fires on record in the history of Arizona JVCKENWOOD will continue to conduct support activities for disaster restoration so that smiles can be brought back to the faces of disaster victims and the areas they live in.
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