Together with business partnersSocial Report

Together with business partners

With equality and balance from a global point of view according to the laws and ethics of society, the JVCKENWOOD Group is working with parts procurement partners and sales partners to build mutually beneficial relationships through shared trust and transparency.
JVCKENWOOD creates its products using various materials and believes that substances that may have adverse effects on the earth and people must not be used for products sold to customers. In addition, we pay attention to products that are disposed of after becoming obsolete.
Since it is impossible for a company to conduct these activities by itself, JVCKENWOOD is pursuing green procurement in cooperation with many other companies in the supply chain.
Through this activity, JVCKENWOOD can receive reports on substances, including the volumes contained in each product, and check whether these substances may have adverse effects on the earth and its people.
Since the parts that make up products are provided by suppliers, JVCKENWOOD checks their parts production processes, conducting activities to protect the earth and people in cooperation with them.

For green procurement guidelines, please visit our website.

Information disclosure initiatives related to mineral production in conflict areas

Respecting fundamental human rights and protecting vulnerable people are the most important issues for all organizations as well as companies in general that are required to fulfill their social responsibilities.
Many people have become involved in disputes around the world, and inhuman acts have been committed, including massacres, child labor, and plunder and sexual assaults by armed groups. These acts are often related to the sources of funds, and this situation has fallen into a vicious circle in some areas.
The United Nations is also concerned about these problems, and the United States has enacted new rules on mineral purchases from conflict areas for the first time in the world.
JVCKENWOOD is not directly subject to these rules, but agrees to the concept of the rules as a company promoting CSR procurement in the global supply chain. It also promotes activities to cut off the funding sources of armed groups in cooperation with other companies.
Based on the corporate policy of not using product parts containing tin, tantalum, tungsten and gold that are wrongfully produced and refined in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and neighboring countries, JVCKENWOOD continues to establish a solid supply chain and promote responsible mineral procurement activities.

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