On Promoting DiversityDiversity

On Promoting Diversity

Head of Diversity Promotion Department, Corporate Management Division Hitomi Kajitani

On October 1, 2015, JVCKENWOOD started a Diversity Promotion Department.
As our first step towards incorporating diversity, we are currently focusing our activities on encouraging female leadership. Our long-term vision however is to become an organization where every employee, man or woman, can represent many types of workplaces.
First, through various activities, such as company-wide events and workshops led by the Diversity Promotion Department, we will work to deepen the understanding of all employees regarding diversity, and create company culture and policies in order for everyone to explore diversity.
Also, "work/life balance" is our priority, and we will support employees raising children and providing nursing care, and by improving practices and providing support for employees to balance their work and home.
Furthermore, we will work towards hiring more foreign nationals, and empowering people with disabilities to take more active roles, as our aim is not only to support the success of women, but to promote diversity more generally.

Head of Diversity Promotion Department,
Corporate Management Division
Hitomi Kajitani


  • 1981:Joined JVCKENWOOD, IT Division.
  • June 2013:Head of IT Division.
    Oversees IT strategy and the global IT environment. Often visits overseas sales and production sites in USA, Malaysia, Thailand, etc. on Business.
  • October 2015:Concurrently served in Diversity Promotion Department.
  • April 2016:Concurrently serves as the Head of Diversity Promotion Department.

I took two maternity leaves, once when I was 28 and again when I was 35 years old. When I had my first child, the only option available was to return to work full-time 2 months after giving birth. At the time, there were no childcare facilities for newborns so my child and I temporarily lived at my parents' home in Chiba Prefecture, where my commute to work took 2.5 hours each way. By comparison, when I had my second child, I was able to extend my maternity leave until my child was old enough to go to nursery. In addition, I was able to work part-time hours for a year after I started back at work. I really feel that having a good system in place is very important in enabling women to work through various life events.
I am now done with raising my children, but have started caring for my mother on the weekends. In addition to the childcare issue, caring for the elderly is also becoming a major social concern. I think it would be great if, by making it possible to work in more flexible ways, the workplace becomes the type of environment where all kinds of people can thrive.

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