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Global Brand Strategy

In recent years, the JVCKENWOOD Group has been increasingly employing brand strategies to impact awareness of its brand portfolio and understanding of its business segments.

Corporate Brand and Brand Statement

JVCKENWOOD is the Corporate Brand of the parent company JVCKENWOOD Corporation.


The JVCKENWOOD Group is comprised of a well-respected portfolio of brands that have set the pace for electronics and entertainment for more than 80 years. These brands are positioned across four global business segments: Car Electronics, Professional Systems, Optical & Audio and Entertainment Software.

Brand Portfolio

JVC is highly recognized in the audiovideo industry as a leading brand in video cameras, video projectors, audio equipment and car multimedia systems.
Renowned for its sound
quality and technical
expertise, KENWOOD is a global leader in car electronics, radio communication systems and audio equipment.
TOTOKU is a global leader in medical image displays and high-definition display technologies applied in wideranging products from consumer display systems to industrial display systems.
EFJohnson has a capability to respond for a wide range of business area including police, firefighters, and emergency medical service, and provides, in particular, professional radio system focusing on P25 standard.
ZETRON is lauded for an extensive track record in the fields of professional radio communications command, control systems and radio communications network systems.
AltaSens is a global leader in the development and design of CMOS image sensors for full-high vision and high image quality videos.
Victor Entertainment has a long history of more than 85 years as a comprehensive entertainment businesses, ranging from music/video production to event hosting.
Shinwa is a global brand of plastic components such as in-car AV mechanisms and equipment, as well as image, audio, and communication devices.

*The above brands and trademarks may not be used in certain countries.

Global brand presence through motorsports

Official Supplier of McLaren Honda


KENWOOD has been developing a state-of-the-art radio communication technology, providing the radio system and sending engineers as an official Supplier of McLaren Honda F1 team for 25 years since 1991, in sympathy with their sincere approach of keep pursuing the best as well as their remarkable achievements.

Official Supplier means the partner company supporting the team technically, not like a sponsor just paying money for their branding. KENWOOD and McLaren are the relation of colleague fighting together for the victory in the battlefields of Grand Prix, beyond the relation of Racing team and Sponsor. In motorsports, radio systems are vitally important for race strategy. Sometimes it can make the difference between being on the top of the podium or not on the podium at all. Races cannot be won without a radio system.

The NEXEDGE® Series, which has been introduced starting in the 2014 season, not only demonstrates excellent reliability and performance, even within severe environments in the top level of motorsports, but also offers key features such as voice securing, a noise suppressing function, and wide communication range based on digital signal correction technology and narrowband sensitivity enhancement.

The NEXEDGE® based system for the Team is not able to show its excellent performance at the maximum without experienced KENWOOD support engineers. They are fighting as a member of the McLaren Honda F1 Team.

Global Sponsorship Activities
Among measures to increase brand awareness, JVCKENWOOD sponsors the FIA World Touring Car Championship, which is held at venues in various countries around the world.
Domestic Supplier Activities
JVCKENWOOD supplies Super GT, which is Japan's top motorsports series, with onboard broadcast cameras.
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