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Media Service Sector

Media Business

In the Solution Business, we carry out development and sales of products, including 4K/2K video cameras, high-definition monitors and industrial image systems that meet the needs of professional sectors, as well as projectors based on our unique D-ILA LCOS (Liquid Crystal On Silicon) devices, including high-resolution projectors for professional use such as flight simulators and projectors supporting the high dynamic range (HDR) that are used for automobile design.

Customer needs are rapidly changing, as an effect of the diversification of broadcasting and business forms due to the Internet of Things (IoT) and the advancement of high-quality video technologies such as 8K/4K imaging technologies. In order to respond to such needs flexibly, in addition to providing equipment, at JVCKENWOOD we are promoting atransformation to a solution business that enables us to promptly respond to customer needs through systemization and customization.

In the Products Business, we conduct development and sales of video cameras with a shift in focus to a proposal-based product lineup. Our range includes long playback models and all-weather models designed for use in outdoor activities and sports, high-resolution audio models that leverage the Group’s unique advanced acoustic technologies, and special purpose products, such as headphones for sports and kids.

In March 2017, JVCKENWOOD announced the development of our unique EXOFIELD out-of-head localization sound field processing technology, which enables listeners to get a real sound field effect achieved in speaker listening even with headphones. Going forward, we will work to deliver a new headphone listening experience enabled by reproducing an unprecedentedly natural sound field with WiZMUSIC, a new product with EXOFIELD technology released in May.

In the Imaging Device Business, JVCKENWOOD is striving to expand its businesses in global markets by expanding external sales of its proprietary D-ILA LCOS devices, achieving full-scale production of Pico devices, and launching next-generation image devices such as head-mounted displays for virtual reality (VR) systems.

Entertainment Business

The Content Business, which has as its core JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment, Corp., is endeavoring to enhance its core Music Business in two ways. The first is by responding to changes in the entertainment industry environment, such as the diversification of user preferences and the popularization of the Internet and mobile phone distribution as a result of improved infrastructure. The second is by making enterprising investments in talented new artists to discover and foster such artists and promote a partnership strategy to create hits.

In December 2012, JVCKENWOOD entered the Space Sound Production Business on a full-scale basis by launching its KooNe Space Sound Design Solution, which uses a high-resolution audio sound system. We have introduced the system to many locations, such as corporate offices, commercial and entertainment facilities, libraries and residential facilities.

Victor Rock Festival, an annual event that started in 2014, has been enjoying popularity as a live concert featuring many major Victor Entertainment artists.

In the OEM Business that specializes mainly in the production of packaged software, such as CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray products, we fully support customers and meet their requests, from the production of content to the creation of package media. In 2016, we relocated the Rinkan Business Center (Yamato City, Kanagawa Prefecture) of JVCKENWOOD Creative Media Corporation, a subsidiary engaged in the contract manufacturing of packages, to the Yokosuka Plant to enhance the corporate value of the entire Group.

JVCKENWOOD will further advance its transition to the total entertainment business, including the management business, live concert/event business and merchandising business, by connecting the appeal of artists and music to various businesses in a wide range of fields. In addition, we will enhance the comprehensive capabilities of the Group by expanding new B-to-B business domains and making the most of our music, video technologies and know-how.

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