Public Service SectorOutline of Business and Priority Measures

Public Service Sector

Communications Systems Business

Digital land mobile radio equipment

The Communications Systems Business, which boasts the world’s second-largest market share in its mainstay area of land mobile radio equipment, maintains high sales and strong profitability. To make it possible, JVCKENWOOD develops products that combine radio technologies, which it has cultivated over many years through amateur radio equipment, with cutting-edge digital and network technologies.

Having a high proportion of overseas sales as a feature, we deliver highly reliable professional radio devices and systems to the public safety sector (police and fire departments), the public service sector (electricity, water, and gas) and the private sector (railways, buses, hotels and plants) around the world. Going forward, JVCKENWOOD will particularly step up its efforts in the U.S. public safety market, which is expected to continuously expand, by setting up an Integrated System Business Division in Dallas through strengthened cooperation with Zetron, Inc. and EF Johnson Technologies, Inc., its local communication system subsidiaries. In addition, it will strive to develop integrated communications systems with the aim of providing total solutions in this area, centering on professional digital radio systems conforming to the NXDN standard and Project 25 (P25), a digital radio format for the public safety market in North America.

The Broadband Task Force, which was set up to focus on stepping up activities toward the development and commercialization of wireless broadband systems, is working to develop a next-generation IP radio system with the Push To Talk over Cellular (PoC) using the IP network of a mobile phone that allows for large capacity data communication. To strengthen the efforts to PoC, which is expected to be adopted rapidly in the whole world, JVCKENWOOD will aim to commercialize such business by launching products in the commercial market and eventually in the public safety market, which will require investment in infrastructure on a medium- to long-term basis.

Professional Systems Business

Security video camera

The Professional Systems Business made a new start as JVC KENWOOD Public & Industrial Systems Corporation through a merger between JVCKENWOOD’s Professional Systems Business and the former J&K Business Solutions Corporation. The aim is to expand the solutions business. It is engaged in production and sales of highly reliable security camera systems and professional audio systems developed based on advanced image display and acoustic technologies to such markets as education, the public sector, distribution, social infrastructure and amusement facilities. In addition, JVCKENWOOD is stepping up efforts to expand sales by providing one-stop total solutions, such as the proposal and design of systems to solve customers’ issues, high-quality construction, and maintenance and operation services that ensure safe use over a long period.

JVCKENWOOD will strive to become a solutions provider that helps its customers to solve their issues while also contributing to the development of a safe, secure and comfortable society. In doing so, we will actively promote alliances with external organizations and offer a wide range of solutions based on outside-the-box ideas. These include an intelligence security system that enables IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics) of multiple security camera images in real time, as well as the KooNe Space Sound Design Solution that produces a comfortable space.

※Watch IVA (Intelligent Video Analysis System ) movie.

Healthcare Business

Medical imaging displays

The Healthcare Business mainly handles mammography displays and other radiographic medical image displays that realize the highest levels of display performance and stability that medical imaging demands. This is achieved with JVCKENWOOD’s unique display technologies developed over the years. Also, we are promoting introduction of pathological image displays using our unique color management technology that can reproduce colors in high definition. JVCKENWOOD will strive to strengthen its medical image diagnosis solutions business via products such as accuracy control software that works with cloud computing, which realizes maintenance and management of luminance, an indispensable aspect of medical imaging displays for in-hospital image diagnosis systems. In addition to its current medical image diagnosis solutions, JVCKENWOOD will propose systems to provide various surgical support using high-definition 8K/4K cameras and monitors for endoscopes and operating microscopes.

Under the Medical System Development Task Force that will promote the expansion of the Healthcare Business, JVCKENWOOD will aim for business growth by developing advanced and innovative testing/diagnostic systems. These include GazeFinder, a piece of social development evaluation equipment that uses our proprietary gaze point sensing technology and that can identify developmental disorders at an early stage, and an early detection system for cancer to which our disk technology is applied.

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