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22-inch Natural Flat Color CRT Display

Much awaited 22-inch high-quality flat CRT display for professionals

The 22-inch diamondtron NF tube and super AR coatings minimize distortion and glare. In addition, CCC circuit to reduce misconvergence and APC circuit to automatically correct earth magnetism realize crisp and clear images.


Features|Specifications & Dimensions

22-inch Diamondtron NF Tube & Super AR Coatings

Employs a 22-inch diamondtron NF tube and, despite its size, presents accurate, undistorted images. With super AR coating applied, reflections and glare are minimized.


Built-in CCC circuit to reduce the convergence error

Equipped with TOTOKU's unique technology CCC (Convergence Correction Control) circuit to control convergence across the entire screen and to minimize misconvergence.


APC circuit to automatically offset earth magnetism

Provides high quality images with the built-in APC (Auto Purity Control) circuit, TOTOKU's unique innovation, to automatically correct unevenness in color caused by magnetic fields or ambient temperature changes. The OSD provides purity correction that can be separately applied on four corners on the screen.


Supports 30k-121kHz horizontal frequency

Supports horizontal frequency of 30k - 121kHz; displays maximum resolution of 1800 x 1440.


* Two horizontal thin lines known as "damper lines" may be observed on the white screen. They keep the aperture grill inside the CRT from vibrating. This is normal for aperture grill CRTs and not a failure.

Specifications & Dimensions

Features|Specifications & Dimensions


Model Name CV921X
CRT 22-inch Diamondtron NF tube, super-AR coatings, anti-static finish
Screen Dimensions Horizontal: 395mm
Vertical: 295mm
Phosphors Pitch 0.24mm across the screen
Input Signals Video Signal: Analog RGB 0.714Vp-p/75ohm
Synchronous Signal: 1.0-5.5Vp-p
Connectors: Mini D-sub 15pin/BNC x 5
Maxmum Resolution 1800 dots x 1440 lines (refresh rate of 80Hz)
Display color Full Color
Scanning Frequency Horizontal: 30kHz-121kHz
Vertical: 50Hz-180Hz
Maximum Dot Clock 280MHz
Number of Preset Modes 32ch available (factory preset channels: 11)
OSD Controls Brightness, contrast, horizontal/vertical size and position, side pin, curve, trapezoid, parallelogram, upper/lower pins, upper/lower pin balance, rotation, white balance selection, user color adjustment, moire reduction, horizontal/vertical/upper/lower convergence, purity offset, auto-sizing, zoom, horizontal/vertical focus.
USB Hub 1 up, 4 down
Japanese Standards VCCI-B, Power Supply Harmonics Class D
International Standards SEMKO, NEMKO, FIMKO, DEMKO, UL, CSA, CE/EMC, VCCI-B, DHHS, TCO99, TüV-GS, TüV-Ergo, FCC-B
505mm x 499.5mm x 495mm
Weight Approx. 33kg
Power Supply AC90-110V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 160W (Below 5W when in power management)
Accessories Power cord (2P), VGA cable, USB cable, Mac adapter, Plug and Play INF Disk, user manual



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