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3MP 21.3" Monochrome Display

MS35i2 /AR (AR coating)
MS35i2 /F (Protective filter)
MS35i2 /N (No protective)

High-bright 3MP grayscale display
(For mammography reading with optional Independent Sub-pixel Drive Technology)


In addition to be a standard solution for diagnostic imaging, MS35i2 with Independent Sub-pixel Drive technology enables this 3 MP display to render 9 mega sub-pixel images, exceeding the current standards of care for primary mammography diagnosis. MS35i2 with Independent Sub-pixel Drive technology is cleared for FDA (510K) for the use of Digital Mammography.


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LED Backlight for Image Stability and Energy Saving

LED backlight system provides more stability in images as well as energy saving. Compared to the conventional CCFL backlight models, MS35i2 saves about 20% energy and will hold brightness much longer. Additionally, mercury-free LED backlight contributes to reduce the environmental impacts.


Built-in Sensor

The luminance sensor in front constantly monitors and accurately stabilizes luminance on the screen to optimize image quality.

Ambient light sensor
An ambient light sensor is built-in so that calibration appropriate for the effects of ambient luminance is carried out.

Luminance sensor
The luminance sensor attached in front of the screen constantly monitors and accurately stabilizes luminance on the screen surface by sending feedback to the control circuit.




Remote Calibration

DICOM calibration and conformance check can be remotely performed. These remote management features will minimize the burden of system administrators.

* Optional PM Medivisor is required.



DICOM Conformance Check

User friendly OSD functions include DICOM conformance check function.


Display Quality Control

The Medivisor Series software is user friendly tool to effectively manage JVCKENWOOD's displays. Calibration software Medivisor Nx, quality assurance software QA Medivisor and performance monitoring software PM Medivisor interact closely with each other to help system administrators easily manage all JVCKENWOOD's displays in the network.




Special AR Coating for Film-like Black and Improved Sharpness

JVCKENWOODS's new special AR coating technology addresses properties of focus, noise reduction, contrast and viewing angle achieving film-like black and accurate reproduction of images.




Next Generation Interface -

In addition to a DVI port, MS35i2 has a new digital display interface "DisplayPort". When using the DisplayPort, up to 1024 or 10 bits shades of gray are simultaneously displayed.

* Customized viewer software and graphics card are required to display 10 bits images.


Uniformity Equalizer

Luminance uniformity correction system will produce stable images across the screen.

* Images shown are for illustrative purposes only.


User-selectable Display

Luminance/gamma are selectable from three preset settings.


OSD Information Display

Current status of the display such as total operating hours, actual measurement of luminance and calibration settings are shown on the screen at fingertips.


Display Status Indicator

Current display operating status can easily be checked by the front LED indicator.




Ecological Technology – Considering the Global Environment

JVCKENWOOD is committed to providing high performance display systems that are ecological and environmentally friendly. We strive to create green IT initiatives and be a part of building a clean energy future. In effort to achieve this, we have incorporated several new features in the i2 series displays. Advanced power saving function dims the backlight as the screensaver activates, thereby reducing power consumption and preventing unnecessary backlight deterioration, resulting in a longer lasting display. The internal power supply system includes a new improved power save mode, which allows the display to enter standby mode with less than 2 watts of energy consumption.


* Optional software Calibration Kit is required to set up the Advanced Power Savings feature.


Worldwide Medical Safety Standards

MS35i2 meets worldwide medical safety standards.


Specifications & Dimensions

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Model Name MS35i2 /AR (AR coating)
MS35i2 /F (Protective filter)
MS35i2 /N (No protective)
LCD Panel Technology 21.3-inch monochrome TFT IPS technology
Display Area 433 mm x 325 mm
Pixel Pitch 0.2115 mm x 0.2115 mm
Contrast Ratio 1400:1 (typ)
Maximum Luminance 1700 cd/m² (typ)
410 cd/m² / 500 cd/m² (Calibrated)
Viewing Angle 176° horizontal and vertical (typ)
Visual Performance Resolution 1536 x 2048

1536 x 6144 (sub-pixel)
Optional Independent Sub-pixel Drive Technology
Grayscale 256 out of 12241 shades of gray

1024 out of 12241 shades of gray
(10 bits input with DisplayPort)
Input Signal Input Sync Signal DVI-D (DVI 1.0 compliant)
DisplayPort (DisplayPort 1.1a compliant)
Plug and Play DDC2B compliant
Input Power Supply Input 100V - 240V, 50/60Hz
Maximum Power Consumption 60W
Power management feature
Features Calibration Control Luminance, Gamma
Storing 3 sets of LUT
OSD Information Display Model name, Serial No., Total operating time, Calibration settings (Operating time from last calibration, Luminance, Gamma, etc.), Current luminance, etc.
USB USB 2.0 compliant, Upstream connector (x1), Downstream connector (x2)
Other Features Luminance uniformity correction, Hardware pivot, LED indicator, Configurations switching function, Independent Sub-pixel Drive Technology
Standards ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1(2005), CAN/CSA C22.2 NO. 60601-1(2008), CE (EN60601-1, EN60601-1-2), FCC class B, VCCI class B, ICES-3-B, FDA510(k), CCC, RCM, J-Moss, RoHS
Physical Characteristics Dimensions
(W x H x D)
Landscape: 474 mm x 530 mm x 220 mm
Portrait: 367 mm x 583 mm x 220 mm
Weight 12.3 kg
Tilt Stand Tilt, Swivel, Portrait / Landscape
Mount VESA standard (100 mm x 100 mm)
Security Slot Anti-theft security slots (display and tilt stand)
Accessories Power cord (3P), DVI cable, DisplayPort cable, USB cable, User manual
Cleaning kit*
*AR coating model only




Features|Specifications & Dimensions|Options

Graphics CardGraphics cards


PM MedivisorDisplay performance monitoring software


QA MedivisorSoftware for acceptance and constancy testing


Medivisor ColorCalibration software


Pairing service to match colors of two displays


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