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JVCKENWOOD's Medivisor series is a complete lineup of display management software that maintains image integrity at each viewing station. Radiologists and IT Managers appreciate the simplicity Medivisor provides.


PM Medivisor (Performance monitoring software)

PM Medivisor is a software solution that continually collects and analyses operational status of medical displays installed in a hospital and provides a system administrator with the results.


PM Medivisor Pro

PM Medivisor Pro is a online display management service provided through a centralized server, which is managed by JVCKENWOOD. All you need to have is small application for each workstation, and don't have to buy and manage a server. PACS administrators or system integrators are able to securely access display QA data on the server as well as receive notifications from the server through the internet. Display QA management has never been so easy or inexpensive.



QA Medivisor (Acceptance and constancy testing software)

QA Medivisor is a software that makes the acceptance and constancy tests simple and certain. It evalulates display performance according to the major standards on medical image displays with simple operation.



Medivisor (Calibration software)

Medivisor provide accurate and stringent calibration required for medical image displays.



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