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LCD check pattern

Download this program to adjust screen size and position manually for optimal performance of the display.
To use this program, refer to the user maual and follow the instructions given in the section "SCREEN ADJUSTMENTS."

Supported models: PLT/PLB210,211 Series,PLT/PLB260,261 series,PLB310 Series,PLB311 Series,PLB383/384 Series,PL#385/386 series,and PLB481 Series,etc

Supported models: CV531 series,CL55531,CV731 series,CDL1910A CCL208,CCL210,CV207R,CCL240,CCL220,CCL240 series,CCL242,CCL244 ME205,CDL2013A,etc

Supported model: CCL196,CL19196,CL19194,ME193,ME195,ML19001,ML19193,etc

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