Media Service Sector

Media Business

In the Solution Business Unit, JVCKENWOOD is dealing in equipment making use of our video technologies accumulated over many years such as high-definition video cameras, monitors and industrial imaging systems that meet the needs of professional sectors. We also carry out development and sales of high-definition and high-brightness projectors used in flight simulators, planetariums, automobile design, home theaters and other products by installing our unique D-ILA image display devices. Customer needs are rapidly changing as an effect of the diversification of broadcasting and business formats due to the Internet of Things (IoT), the advancement of high-quality video technologies such as 4K/8K imaging, and the expansion of the sports industry ahead of 2020. To respond to these needs flexibly, JVCKENWOOD will not only provide equipment and services but also switch to a solution business that will enable us to promptly meet customer needs through systemization and customization.


In the Lifestyle Business Unit, we conduct development and sales of special-purpose headphones utilizing our unique advanced acoustic technologies, such as Bluetooth compatible models that deliver high-quality reproduction wirelessly, high-resolution audio models for sports, home audio systems such as the Wood Cone series that feature wooden diaphragms, as well as video cameras with a shift toward proposal-based products including long recording/playback models and all-weather models for expected use in outdoor activities and sports, and cameras for home monitoring.


We also aim to deliver outstanding, completely new products and services such as WiZMUSIC, a s ound field customizing service featuring our unique EXOFIELD out-of-head localization sound field processing technology with which headphones provide the same real sound field effect as speakers.


In the Imaging Device Business Unit, JVCKENWOOD is striving to expand its businesses in global markets by increasing external sales and finding new applications for D-ILA devices, achieving full-scale production of Pico devices, and launching next-generation image devices such as head-mounted displays for virtual reality (VR) systems.


Entertainment Business

In the Content Business, centered on JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment, Corp. (referred to below as VE), we are looking to enhance our core Music Business by actively seeking and nurturing new artists so that we can continue to create hits even amid major changes in the entertainment industry such as the diversification of user preferences and the expansion of fixed-fee unlimited listening services via digital sound sources. The Victor Rock Matsuri, an annual event launched in 2014, celebrates its fifth anniversary this year. Held in Osaka as well since 2016, this popular live concert features many of the major Victor Entertainment artists.


In the Spatialized Sound Production Business, JVCKENWOOD has developed the KooNe Spatialized Sound Design Solution, which uses a high-resolution audio system to enhance the comfortableness of spaces. In collaboration with JVCKENWOOD Public & Industrial Systems Corporation, we have introduced the system in many locations, such as corporate offices, co-working spaces, libraries, commercial facilities including car dealerships, residential facilities, and medical institutions.


In the OEM Business, which focuses mainly on the production of packaged software such as CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray products, we provide full support from mastering and authoring to the creation of packaged media that meet customers’ requests. In 2016, we relocated JVCKENWOOD Creative Media Corporation, as ubsidiary engaged in the contract manufacturing of packages, to our Yokosuka Plant in order to enhance the corporate value of the Group as a whole.


Going forward, we will strengthen the comprehensive capabilities of the Group by linking the appeal of our artists and music to a wide range of businesses and accelerating growth of our overall entertainment business including management, live concerts and events, and merchandising.