Public Service Sector

Communications Systems Business

In the Communications Systems Business, JVCKENWOOD provides highly reliable professional radio systems to the public safety market (e.g. police, fire departments and ambulance services), the public service market (e.g. electricity, water and gas) and the private sector market (e.g. hotels and retailers) around the world. JVCKENWOOD boasts a high market share in these areas.


Going forward, JVCKENWOOD will step up its efforts in the North American public safety market, which is expected to expand continuously, by strengthening cooperation with EF Johnson Technologies, Inc., its communications system subsidiaries in the U.S., and by aiming to provide total solutions for professional radio systems conforming to Project 25 (P25), a digital radio format for North America.


We will also deploy the NEXEDGE® series of professional digital radio systems which conform to the NXDN digital protocol around the world, as we aim to provide digital radio solutions to issues confronting a wide range of users,including those in the public service market.


In addition, an Italian company Radio Activity S.r.l., which produces repeaters and other products conforming to Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), a digital radio format in high demand as a replacement for analog radio in the private sector market and elsewhere, became our subsidiary in January this year. With the shift to broadband in radio infrastructure, we have entered into a capital alliance with a U.S. company called Sonim Technologies Inc., a leader in the professional LTE smartphone business, and launched products in collaboration with them, starting with the U.S. and Japanese markets. Going forward, we will make an effort to address the diversification of radio communication methods and services that are developing worldwide.

Professional Systems Business

In the Professional Systems Business, operated by JVCKENWOOD Public & Industrial Systems Corporation, we aim to bring security, safety, comfort and trust as a solution provider helping customers solve their issues. We produce and sell highly reliable video and audio systems based on our advanced technologies and knowhow, aiming at the education, public sector, distribution, social infrastructure, amusement facility and other markets, and also offer one-stop total solutions such as system proposals and designs to resolve customers’ issues, high-quality construction, and maintenance and operation services ensuring long-term safe use.


Furthermore, we actively promote alliances with external organizations and offer a wide range of solutions based on outside-the-box ideas. These include an intelligent security system that enables Intelligent Video Analytics (IVA) of multiple security camera images in real time, as well as the KooNe Space Sound Design Solution that produces a unique space, planned and developed by JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment, Corp. To promote these solutions to a wider audience and boost sales, we have taken measures such as holding private shows called Solution Fairs since October 2017.


Going forward, JVCKENWOOD will strive to strengthen its solution proposal capabilities by offering one-stop solutions, ranging from sales, proposal of systems, and engineering to support services through integrated organization. In addition, we will aim to become a solution provider that meets the needs of customers by proposing solutions based on collaboration not only within the Group but also with external organizations.

Healthcare Business

In the Healthcare Business, JVCKENWOOD handles mammography image display monitors and other radiographic medical image display monitors which realize the highest levels of display performance and stability that medical imaging demands. This is achieved with our unique display technologies. We also provide pathological image display monitors using our unique color management technology.


In addition to these monitors, we are trying to expand our imaging business comprehensively in the healthcare field. To strengthen our future business, we are making a full-scale entry into the OR* video solutions business with the acquisition of a German company Rein Medical GmbH in April 2018, and by promoting the commercialization of 4K/8K camera system solutions using our imaging technologies developed over many years.


Moreover, JVCKENWOOD will aim for business growth as we try to solve social issues by developing advanced and innovative testing/diagnostic systems. These include Gazefinder, a gaze tracking system that uses our proprietary gaze tracking technology to identify developmental disorders at an early stage, and an early detection system for cancer incorporating optical disk technologies being developed jointly with the National Cancer Center Japan, Daiichi Sankyo Company, Limited and Sysmex Corporation.

*Abbreviation for Operating Room