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Sales Composition for FYE 3/'15

JVCKENWOOD Corporation will continue to evolve into a Customer Value Creator that provides solutions to customers in the Automotive, Public Service and Media Service sectors by leveraging our strengths in audio, visual and communications technologies built up over the years.

Automotive Sector
The Automotive Sector mostly develops car navigation systems, car audio systems, dashcams, and in-vehicle devices. It is divided into the Aftermarket Business, which provides products to consumers through volume-sales retailers and distributors, and the OEM Business, which is operated by the Dealer-Installed Option Business Unit and Factory-Installed Option Business Unit that provide products through automobile manufacturers and dealers.
Principal Brand and Affiliated Companies
Aftermarket Business
OEM Business
*The company name of Shinwa International Holdings Ltd. has been changed to JVCKENWOOD Hong Kong Holdings Ltd. as of April 1st, 2018.
Public Service Sector
The Public Service Sector consists of the Communications Systems Business covering professional radio systems and amateur radio sets, the Professional Systems Business, which is operated by JVCKENWOOD Public & Industrial Systems Corporation, covering security camera systems, professional audio systems and other products, and the Healthcare Business covering medical image display monitor solutions and Gazefinder, a gaze tracking system.
Principal Brand and Affiliated Companies
Communications Systems Business
Professional Systems Business
JVC KENWOOD Public & Industrial Systems (Japanese Website)
Healthcare Business
*JVCKENWOOD Corporation transferred its Card Printer Business to G-Printec, Inc. through an absorption-type company split on March 1 2017.
Media Service Sector
The Media Service Sector consists of the Media Business, which is operated by three business units, namely, Solutions covering professional-use video cameras, projectors and other products, Lifestyle covering commercial video cameras, headphones and other products, and Imaging Devices covering image display devices and other products; and the Entertainment Business, which handles the Content Business centered around JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment, Corp., and the OEM Business.
Principal Brand and Affiliated Companies
Media Business
Entertainment Business
JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment
 (Japanese Website)
JVC KENWOOD Creative Media (Japanese Website)
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