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Optical & Audio Segment

With its sights focused on shifting core growth areas from consumer businesses to professional systems, the JVCKENWOOD Group develops next-generation products and achieves their early commercialization by integrating development and production resources and enhancing competitiveness.

The JVCKENWOOD Group has been allocating development and production resources for optical devices and audio systems to the Home & Mobile Electronics Business for consumer electronics and the Professional Systems Business for professional-use system products. Meanwhile, the Group has seen a need to integrate the development and production resources of the Consumer- and Professional Systems Business to enhance competitiveness, and shift the core growth area from the Consumer Business to the Professional Systems Business. As a result, it reviewed the business segment structure on June 25, 2013.

Following the revision, the Optical & Audio Segment consists of the Audio Business, under which development and production functions for consumer- and professional-use audio systems are integrated, the Imaging Business, under which development and production functions for consumer- and professional-use optical devices are integrated, and the Image & Optical Device Business, which oversees optical pickups for car-mounted equipment and optical devices such as projectors.

Audio Business

In the Audio Business, we aim to accelerate the narrowing of sales areas and products and concentration on high value-added products, and embodying network devices and design-specific products. The aim is to focus on businesses that demonstrate the strengths of JVC and KENWOOD brands. High-resolution sound replay models, which were introduced to the Japanese market from the current business term, have been making steady progress. Moreover, by developing digital amplifiers from the series for professional-use, we aim to extend the lineup of professional-use audio products that have achieved high sound quality, high reliability, and energy savings.

Taking the popularization of smartphones and similar terminals as another business opportunity, in the headphones sector of the AV accessory segment we are increasing our presence in major markets around the world through rapid and flexible development and production systems, as well as an extensive product range that leverages the Group's unique advanced acoustic and noise cancellation technologies. We will also broaden the lineup of our flagship models and special models for emerging countries, and expand sales areas.

Imaging Business

In the Imaging Business, which operates in a maturing consumer camcorder market, we are shifting our focus to proposal-based, high value-added products. Meanwhile, we have succeeded in maintaining a strong presence in principal markets around the world. We have achieved this by developing high value-added products that meet the needs of professional and niche markets, including camcorders compatible with the 4K2K imaging infrastructure, and hybrid cameras.

Image & Optical Device Business

In the Image & Optical Device Business, we have made the most of our advanced video, cutting-edge image processing, and 3D technologies to commercialize home projectors and 3D projectors based on our proprietary Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) micro display technology, as well as the next-generation of image devices such as HUD, by launching the full-scale production of Pico devices. We are also launching projectors compatible with 4K2K and 8K4K, which are regarded as the culmination of high-definition imaging technology, in order to expand our businesses in global markets with our advanced technologies and products. Furthermore, we have expanded the range of new image and optical products that are unique to JVCKENWOOD by incorporating highly reliable precision optical assembly technologies accumulated from pick-ups in the Car-Mounted Equipment Business.

Accelerating shift of resources to growth areas

For the future, we will accelerate the shift of resources from existing businesses to next-generation businesses, specifically, from the Traditional Consumer Business, which is expected to experience a sharp contraction, to the growing Car-Mounted and Professional Businesses. We will achieve the early commercialization of next-generation products and promote the development of technologies our Consumer Business has developed for application in the rapidly expanding next-generation products, including car-mounted cameras, high-definition professional cameras (8K4K), high-definition security cameras, professional audio products, and professional projectors.

Product Information

Full HD Memory Camcorders
"Baby Movie"
Quad Proof Full HD
Memory Camcorders
4K HD Camcorders
8K Professional-Use D-ILA Projector
Stereo Headphones
Inner-Ear Headphones
High-Resolution Audio Systems "K series"
High-Resolution Audio Systems "WOOD CONE"
Compact Component Systems
Mobile Batteries
for Smartphone Charge
Optical Pickups
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