Activity ResultsDiversity

Activity Results

To ensure diversity and create an environment where various employees can work comfortably, we conduct employee training as follows.

Diversity training for all employees

To ensure diversity as an established part of our corporate culture, all employees in the JVCKENWOOD Group took diversity training using an E-Learning platform, to foster an awareness of diversity among employees.

Seminars for support to juggle work with child and nursing care

Employees also took seminars which help them to juggle their jobs with child and nursing care. The theme of the seminar for juggling work with child care was "communication skills for encouragement that can be practiced at work." Participants were given training in communication that is effective when caring for children, and in improving communication at work, including in the development of subordinates. The seminars for juggling work with nursing care (such as caring for aged relatives) taught participants about how to find the right mindset for nursing care and gave them part of the basic knowledge required for when they eventually face a nursing care situation.

Women's active participation training

With the aim of increasing the ratio of female managers, training was given at each grade for female employees who will be future candidates for management positions. Training was also provided for managers of female employees, to help them deepen their understanding of the concepts and objectives of diversity (changing oneself and changing the way everyone works through diversity).

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