Value Creation with Security Products & Services

Providing Image Analysis Solutions that Contribute to Security and Safety of Public Facilities 

In recent years, it has become increasingly important to take measures to prevent terrorism and vicious crimes, both inside and outside of Japan. Steps are under way to increase security guards and surveillance cameras mainly at facilities, airports and other places where a large number of people gather, and there is a growing need to implement increasingly efficient and effective security systems.


JVCKENWOOD is developing and providing such products such as IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics system)*, an integrated-control facial recognition system, and a car number plate recognition system, as new image analysis solutions. These systems contribute to improving the security and safety of our communities with higher precision while reducing the amount of manpower and work needed. This is achieved via real-time analysis of enormous amounts of videos captured on security cameras, and with speedy recognition of specified visitors. We have been working for the new implementation of security camera systems that are combined with these aforementioned services for use as counterterrorism and other measures in Japan and abroad to ensure security and safety at public facilities. We are planning to continue actively offering these solutions to the market in order to answer the needs of society, both in and outside of Japan.


* Intelligent Video Analytics(IVA): Analytics software that discerns events, attributes, and behavioral patterns through video analysis of the monitored environment.


IVA (Intelligent Video Analytics System)

IVA is a system that not only records live videos of the surroundings 24 hours a day, as with traditional surveillance cameras, but also conducts image analysis of the recorded videos in real time. The system is equipped with an advanced real-time alert function, which identifies suspicious unattended objects as well as incursions into restricted areas and sounds the alarm, practically in real time. Furthermore, the system creates a database of all the real-time analysis that it has performed, thus storing an immense amount of metadata to allow the performance of complex and comprehensive searches at an amazing speed. IVA, which can integrate and monitor a maximum of 500 cameras, shows promise in being utilized for a variety of purposes that include not only accident and crime prevention but also marketing and other activities.


Configuration of IVA system

“Integrated-control facial recognition system”

The “integrated-control facial recognition system” detects and sends notices in real time to announce the presence of specified individuals whose facial information has been registered in advance. This makes it possible to be vigilant against criminals and people who are known to have disturbed the public peace in the past, without having to be dependent on traditional methods of human visual observation, thereby helping to strengthen anti-crime measures. In addition to preventing crime, this system is expected to help provide proactive assistance for VIPs. Thus, in the future, we expect this system to further expand its presence in the market for its ability to enhance vigilance while also reducing the required manpower.

Configuration of integrated-control facial recognition system

Car Number Plate Recognition System

The “Car Number Plate Recognition System” recognizes the number plate on a vehicle captured on a camera image and automatically checks vehicles entering commercial facilities and business sites. The system enables entry and exit log control and contributes to reducing the workload of receptionists and guards. Furthermore, the system can be used to identify the number of entries into and exits from a facility on a real-time basis or automatically announce the entry and exit of a vehicle that requires attention if the car plate number is registered in advance, thereby assisting in managing the security and safety of facilities.