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Together with customers

The JVCKENWOOD Group is working to enhance the quality and safety of all of its Group products and reinforce its customer support framework in all of its business activities, from manufacturing, sales and services.

Basic policy on product safety

In order to provide safety and peace of mind to customers, the JVCKENWOOD Group established its basic policy on product safety and posted it for the public on the JVCKENWOOD Group website.

To put this into practice, the JVCKENWOOD Group created a Voluntary Action Plan for product safety to organize and carry out measures in an effort to continuously improve.

If an accident related to a product occurs, JVCKENWOOD confirms the actual situation quickly and investigates the cause. If we determine there is a safety problem, or even just the risk of one, we recall the product and implement measures to prevent further occurrence or spread of the danger.

We then use the proper channels to swiftly provide information to customers and other people involved.

Company-wide product safety information system

Company-wide PL Board

Consult our website for our basic policies relating to product safety.

We have posted Using Products Safely on our web site. This information is easy-to-understand and explains how customers can use our products safely and with confidence.

Kenwood brand products:

JVC brand products:

Customer comments are reflected into products and services

Every day we organize and categorize the opinions of customers that visit our customer support and service departments and the thoughts and ideas of our registered users and deliver this feedback through our in-house customer feedback system to operating departments and any related departments.This allows us to facilitate improvements in products and services based on customer feedback as we work to provide full product information and support information to our customers.

Customer comments are reflected into products and services
Utilization system of customer feedback

Introduction of Customer Service (CS) Acitivites

At CS information exchange meetings

CS questionnaire

JVCKENWOOD asks customers who have registered their products to complete a CS questionnaire (once a year) and uses this customer feedback to promote a range of improvement activities.

Customer feedback reports/CS information exchange meetings

The Customer Support Center works together with the products divisions to discuss improvements based on customer feedback, reflect this information in future products and improve its customer support framework.

Sharing customer feedback

Initiative targeting all employees to raise awareness of CS and product quality.
・JVCKENWOOD intranet [Customer Feedback]
・Quality Magazine (mail magazine on CS and product quality for all employees)

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