Connection with societySocial Report

Connection with society

Social Contribution Activities(2016)

Initiatives for the Next Generation

【Traveling Environmental Classroom Using Forest Notes】

Using Forest Notes, a wireless active speaker that transmits the sounds of the forest in real time, JVCKENWOOD conducts traveling environmental classrooms. Children can listen to the voices of the forest – birds singing, the wind whistling through the trees, and the murmur of the river’s flow, as they imagine the creatures living there and the natural environment, draw pictures, and use onomatopoeia to express the song of the forest they can hear.

City of Yokohama Environmental Planning Bureau Traveling Environmental Classroom Program

As a registered cooperating company in the City of Yokohama Environmental Planning Bureau’s Traveling Environmental Classroom Program, JVCKENWOOD visits elementary schools and after-school care facilities to hold environmental classrooms. Our classes are designed to stimulate the rich sensibilities of children and motivate them to sense the importance of forests as the cradle of life for so many living things, in the hope that it will provide a foundation for those children when they become the bearers of the next generation.
(For details of the traveling classroom program, see the City of Yokohama Environmental Planning Bureau’s Traveling Environmental Classroom Program website.)

Traveling Environmental Classrooms at Elementary Schools in Tokyo

JVCKENWOOD conducts traveling environmental classrooms at Sugekari Elementary School in Meguro-ku, Tokyo, a school with a long history and tradition stretching back to 1875. As they listen to the sounds of the forest emanating from Forest Notes, the children imagine what is happening in the forest, draw pictures of the forest and the creatures that likely live in them, and express the sounds they hear using onomatopoeia.

For Children on Summer Vacation (Laforet shuzenji)

In a collaboration with Mori Trust Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd., JVCKENWOOD held a special classroom to help elementary school students with their summer vacation special research projects at the LaForet Shuzenji resort. After learning about the functions of the forest in the classroom, the children actually went out into the forest and, using nuts, branches, and other materials they collected, let their imaginations run free to make a photo frame. As they encountered the scents and sounds of the forest with their own senses, the children who participated in the program experienced first-hand some of the great blessings that the forests give.

City of Yokohama Environmental Planning Bureau Yokohama Forest School

As part of the Agreement on Comprehensive Collaboration on Community Revitalization it has concluded with the City of Yokohama, JVCKENWOOD has participated in and sponsored the Yokohama Forest School, which is organized by the City of Yokohama Environmental Planning Bureau, every year since 2012. The children use their imaginations and creativity to make their very own forest photo frame, the only one of its kind in the world.

Traveling Environmental Classroom at Tsuruoka Environmental Fair (JVCKENWOOD Yamagata)

JVCKENWOOD Yamagata mounted an exhibit and display at the Shonai Environmental Management Research Society, for which it serves as the executive secretary, and conducted a “Let’s Learn About Water” environmental learning program for children. Children learned about the importance of water through activities such as making candles with used cooking oil, and presentations about the Akagawa Estuary clean-up program and the parent-and-child water quality investigation program.

Yamagata Environment Exhibition (JVCKENWOOD Yamagata)

At the Yamagata Environment Exhibition organized by the Yamagata Prefectural Government and other organizations, in conjunction with the Prefecture’s Komorebi-Kan facility, JVCKENWOOD Yamagata exhibited as a Yamagata Prefecture Environmental Education Support Organization, and also conducted a traveling environmental classroom. Participants learned about the functions of the forest, did a woodcraft project using materials from the forest, and experienced first-hand the importance of the forests and of maintenance of Satoyama landscapes.

Traveling Environmental Classroom Using “Tangible Earth”

JVCKENWOOD conducts traveling environmental classrooms using “Tangible Earth,” which is an interactive digital globe of approximately 80 cm in diameter. Clouds are projected on the globe in real time, as well as the state of global warming, typhoons and jet streams, ocean currents, the flight of migratory birds, and whale tracking information.
Because the children can turn the globe with their own hands, they can gaze down on the earth from an astronaut’s perspective and gain a real sense of the dynamism of the earth first hand.

Tangible Earth at Eco Life Fair 2016

At the Ministry of the Environment’s Eco Life Fair, JVCKENWOOD used its digital globe, Tangible Earth, to give visitors a first-hand experience of the living earth, dynamically recreated in real time.
Students from Kanagawa Prefecture’s Yokohama Science Frontier High School and Saitama Prefecture’s Kawagoe Girls’ Senior High School acted as presenters to explain the current state of global warming.

Workplace Tours and Work Experience (JVCKENWOOD Nagaoka and Yamagata)

Through workplace tours and work experience programs, JVCKENWOOD Nagaoka and JVCKENWOOD Yamagata give students the opportunity to obtain practical knowledge and skills, learn about the significance of work and their aptitude to work, and cultivate their motivation to decide on their own career path.
These two companies also agreed to be interviewed about occupations and answer questions about the contents of the work they do, to help the students to deepen their knowledge about local companies and occupations.
We hope that, through these programs, young people will cultivate hopes and dreams for the future, a sense of work and occupations to help them design their own future path, and an interest in the local community and local companies.

Children’s science and engineering classroom (JVCKENWOOD Nagano Corporation)

JVCKENWOOD Nagano is a member of the Children’s Science and Engineering Classroom executive committee, an industry-government-academia collaborative program for next-generation educational programs. These programs are run by the municipal governments of Ina and Komagane, private-sector companies, and local industrial high schools. JVCKENWOOD Nagano also participates in and sponsors the program as a corporate instructor. Children in the upper grades of local elementary schools enjoyed making robots and learning about manufacturing.

Providing 5S Education to Elementary School (Indonesia)

PT. JVC Electronics Indonesia conducted CSR activities at SDN Kutamekar II Elementary School in cooperation with about 34 companies, with the aim of fostering morals and discipline in schoolchildren. During the activities, mainly focused on 5S education activities (5S: Sort, Set, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain), we taught the children how to clean the classroom and then cleaned the classroom together with them.

Providing an opportunity for social communication (Malaysia)

JVCKENWOOD Electronics Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. provided an opportunity for students of Shibaura Institute of Technology to get the picture of the manufacturing site of Japanese companies operating overseas.
Through this opportunity, students were able to learn practical knowledge they could not gain in the classroom.

Initiatives as members of Local community

Akagawa Estuary Clean-up Activities (JVCKENWOOD Yamagata)

JVCKENWOOD Yamagata conducts clean-up activities in the estuary of the Akagawa River, which runs through the city of Tsuruoka in Yamagata Prefecture.
This clean-up activity began in 2006, when the Shonai General Branch Office and the incorporated non-profit organization, Partnership Office, first sought JVCKENWOOD Yamagata’s advice, and has been held every year since. This year was the ninth time it was held. Every year since 2003, the company puts out a call within the company for participants to help collect the large volumes of trash that wash up on Tobishima Island.

Tobishima Island Clean-up Campaign (JVCKENWOOD Yamagata)

Tobishima is Yamagata Prefecture’s only inhabited island, located off the coast 39 km northwest of the prefecture’s Sakata Port. Since 2003, JVCKENWOOD Yamagata has been participating in the Tobishima Clean-up Campaign, cleaning up the trash that washes ashore on the island. This campaign, which began with the aim of solving the degradation of the environment caused by the washed-up trash, is conducted with the diverse cooperation of government, community, industry, and academic organizations. It also has the support of the 24-Hour TV Charity Committee.

Earthquake Recovery Support Activities(JVCKENWOOD Yamagata Corporation)

For the past five years, JVCKENWOOD Yamagata has participated in earthquake recovery assistance activities organized by the Yamagata Prefecture Environmental Conservation Council on Sabusawajima Island (Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture). Sabusawajima is one of the islands that makes up Matsushima, which is famous as one of Japan’s three greatest spots of scenic beauty.
As in past years, participants helped to clean houses that are difficult for elderly residents to reach themselves, do weeding, and clean up the seashore.

Tenryu River Clean-up Activities (JVCKENWOOD Nagano)

In consideration of the significance and importance of separating trash, JVCKENWOOD Nagano is involved in the Tenryu River Beautification Campaign both as a participant and as a member of the secretariat that plans and organizes the activities.
This campaign, which is run on the themes of “making the Tenryu River swimmable again” and “building a closed-loop society,” has become firmly established as an early summer tradition of the area. JVCKENWOOD Nagano has participated in the campaign for twelve consecutive years.

JVCKENWOOD Nagano also participates in the Parent-and-Child Water Quality Investigation Results Report Meeting held by the Recycling Systems Research Society (parent organization: Nagano Techno Foundation), of which it is a member.
The Parent-and-Child Water Quality Investigation program is held at the time of the year when children can use it for their summer research project, to encourage them to take an interest in environmental activities. This year marked the 16th time that it has been held. Together with their parents, children are free to select any place they want to investigate water quality, such as in the home or in the rivers, and, using the testing kit provided, investigate chemical oxygen demand (COD), which is a measure of decline in water quality. In FY2016, the children and their parents investigated the quality of water in the Tenryu River. Starting at Lake Suwa, the river’s main source, they investigated COD levels, ambient temperature, color, smell, and other factors in detail at 9 points along the river down to the precincts of Iida City, about 60 km south of the lake, as well as the river’s final destination, the Tenryu River estuary in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture (total river length of 213 km). The children then presented the findings of their investigations, along with the observations they made from the exercise.

Environmental Lectures for Employees of Yamagata Prefectural Office (JVCKENWOOD Yamagata)

At the request of the Yamagata Prefecture Environment and Energy Department, JVCKENWOOD Yamagata employees served as lecturers at the “Eco Office” workshop to encourage Prefectural Office employees to consider the environment and energy conservation.
JVCKENWOOD will continue to treasure its cooperative ties with the local community and hopes to continue to assist with such contributions.

Joint Environmental Training and Tsuroka Station Area Clean-up for New Employees of Nearby Companies (JVCKENWOOD Yamagata)

JVCKENWOOD Yamagata staff serve as instructors in the New Employee Joint Environmental Training Workshop, the aim of which is interaction and information exchanges between six nearby companies. Every year, after the workshop, the trainees take part in a clean-up of the area around Tsuruoka Station. In FY2016, they collected approximately 14 kg of trash. After collating the types of garbage collected, it was found that cigarette stubs accounted for 38% of the whole, and there were also some larger items of trash, such as motorcycle helmets.

Local Clean-up Activities (Individual Business Centers)

Head Office & Yokohama Business Center (Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture), Hachioji Business Center, JVCKENWOOD Yamagata (Tsuruoka), JVCKENWOOD Nagano (Ina), JVCKENWOOD Nagaoka (Nagaoka), and other business centers regularly conduct clean-ups and flowerbed maintenance in the areas around their respective business centers and their closest railway stations.

Clean-Up Activites(Thailand)

JVCKENWOOD Electronics (Thailand) Co,.Ltd participated in clean-up activities on Si Chang Island in Chonburi Province.

Charity event sponsored by sports club (Malaysia)

JVCKENWOOD Electronics Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. co-sponsors and supports a coloring contest held in the local community under the sponsorship of a sports club. In addition, we contribute prizes for a free health checkup and counseling event. We conduct these activities to build and strengthen good relationships between local employees and residents living in areas surrounding the plant.

Blood Donation Drive (China)

Shanghai Kenwood Electronics Co.Ltd. participated in a blood donation drive as part of its healthcare and welfare support activities.

Initiatives for Safety

Fire Drills

The JVCKENWOOD Group conducts a variety of disaster prevention drills with the aim of raising awareness of disaster prevention. We also carry out programs to teach people how to use supplies, tools, and equipment in readiness for times of disaster. To promote independent disaster prevention systems at each facility, our business centers have formed their own private fire brigades, which take part in training events. Through education and training within and outside the company, we will establish disaster prevention systems that will be effective in times of crisis, and strive to increase the number of staff who participate.

Disaster Prevention(China)

Shanghai Kenwood Electronics holds fire-fighting training once a year to raise safety awareness among employees and as a safety measure for times of emergency. All employees take part in this event. Also, twice a year, with the objectives of raising awareness of everyday safety management among fire safety officers and confirming fire-fighting methods to be used in the event of a fire, fire safety officers designated from each department undergo fire-fighting training.

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