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Together with employees

The JVCKENWOOD Group is making efforts to create a safe and pleasant workplace, and to support each employee to grow by building education and training systems.

Supporting career and skill development

JVCKENWOOD has implemented systematic training so that employees can improve the skills necessary to perform their roles, and provide training so they can utilize those skills within the organization. We have also implemented a career development program to help employees realize the career aspirations they draw on from their background and experience.
The Career Development Program is comprised of the following: ① career interview; ② career design training; and ③ career development support.

Career Development Program(CDP)

Career interview

Employees meet with their superiors once a year to discuss their career vision and career development topics to approximate individual motivations and company expectations. This is the most fundamental part of the Career Development Program.

Career design training and career development support

In these training sessions, employees review their current work practices while planning what they want to attain in the future. By considering the actions necessary to reach their goals, the employees gain an awareness of various points. Further, this is an opportunity for them to comprehensively consider the balance between their work and private life, such as the personal development needed to realize future goals and connections with family and the local community, while discussing their career vision.
We have introduced a career development support system for employees, including assistance in terms of both time and money, to take on further challenges by applying what they have learned and what they are now aware of.

Helping ensure harmony between work and family life

The JVCKENWOOD Group is steadily enhancing its efforts to help employees have a good balance between their work and family life (work-life balance: WLB), with the aim of positively embracing the diverse lifestyles and ways of working of employees.

Name of program Description of eligibility Status of usage of
each system in FY2016
Childcare leave To take leave until the end of April following the child's first birthday or the end of the month in which the child reaches 18 months. Taken by 25 people
Reduced working hours for childcare To reduce work time up to two hours per day, separately as provided by law, for childrearing until the first March 31 after the child reaches 12 years of age. Used by 50 people
Pregnancy leave for spouses To take three days’ leave to stay with their spouses during delivery. 43 people overall, 116 cumulative days taken
Sick/injured childcare leave To take five days’ leave per year to look after sick/injured children (10 days if there are two or more children) until the first March 31 after the child reaches 12 years of age. Taken by 36 people
Nursing leave To take a cumulative maximum of one year of leave per family member who requires nursing care. Taken by 3 people
Reduced working hours for nursing To reduce work time by up to two hours per day for a cumulative total of one year, combined with nursing leave. Used by 2 people
Nursing days off To take five days’ leave per year to look after a family member who requires nursing care (10 days if there are two or more such family members). Taken by 12 people
Limitation of overtime work and night work To be exempt from overtime work of more than 24 hours per month or 150 hours per year and from late-night work if so requested by employees raising children who have not reached the first March 31 after becoming 12 years of age or those taking care of family members who require nursing care.
System to register retirees for reemployment Employees who have left the company because of pregnancy, childbirth, childcare, nursing care, or a spouse being transferred can be registered for reemployment. 4 people have registered

Supporting childcare and nursing

We have a range of programs to support our employees in balancing work with family life, including childcare and nursing. The childcare-related support system is applicable “until the first March 31 after the child reaches 12 years of age,” which is until graduation from elementary school.

Reducing overtime work

Our ongoing efforts also include reducing overtime work to promote a dayto- day work-life balance (WLB).We are conducting activities to encourage our employees to work with an awareness of time management on their own. For example, each business center has designated one day a week as its own “no overtime day.” On this day, we urge employees to go home on time via an in-company broadcast two hours before the end of business hours, asking them to adjust their work schedules so they can go home at the end of regular work hours. As a result of these activities, the total actual working hours have been decreasing since FY2012. Meanwhile, business expansion can cause overtime work to increase. Therefore, we will step up efforts to reduce overtime work.

Encouraging employees to take annual holidays

In addition to the activities to reduce overtime work, we encourage employees to use their annual paid holidays based on the target for the number of annual holidays to be taken, set between labor and management.
As a result of such efforts, the total paid leave taken per year has increased from 13.9 days (rate of taking paid leave: 60%) in FY2010 to 16.3 days (rate of taking paid leave: 65%) in FY2016.

Promoting the health of employees

Health management

JVCKENWOOD, as part of the initiatives in JK3.0, is striving to become a company that is a good partner of all stakeholders and offers its employees rewarding tasks, a sense of achievement and fulfillment, and the joy of working with excitement.
To achieve this goal, JVCKENWOOD has delivered the JVCKENWOOD Health Policy Statement as a management message to employees to promote the “creation of a workplace environment that enables its employees to stay healthy and motivated at work,” which is essential for each employee to demonstrate their abilities to the fullest

<The JVCKENWOOD Health Policy Statement>

JVCKENWOOD strives to create a workplace environment that enables its
employees to stay healthy and motivated at work to achieve its corporate vision:
“Creating excitement and peace of mind for the people of the world.”

Based on the JVCKENWOOD Health Policy Statement, we promote health maintenance and enhancement of employees through the collaborative efforts of management and the relevant divisions, such as the industrial health, human resources and general administration divisions as well as the Health Insurance Society.

Mental Healthcare Measures

As a mental healthcare measure, JVCKENWOOD introduced a stress check-up system in FY2016. In this way, we are working to foster awareness about mental health and bring attention to the need to prevent mental health disorders, and to improve the workplace environment. At the same time as the introduction of the stress check-up system, JVCKENWOOD set up a counseling service hotline, through which counseling by external counselors is available, to establish a system to help employees solve their business and private problems and issues.
We have also established a return-to-work support system when employees go back to work after an absence due to mental health disorders. This system is designed to support employees’ smooth return to work by introducing work responsibilities on a trial basis, increasing the workload and working time in stages.

Overwork Prevention Measures

An industrial physician having an interview with a worker doing long hours of overtime.

Long working hours is an important social problem that could lead to health problems and even death from overwork for employees.
We have been proactively working to reduce long working hours by taking measures such as improving the operational efficiency, establishing days when people leave work on time, and encouraging the use of annual paid leave. In addition, we are striving to prevent damage to the health of people by having those workers that do long hours of overtime receive face-to-face guidance and a medical interview by industrial physicians.

Safety and Health Committee

Safety and Health Committee

We have established a safety and health management system in accordance with the Industrial Safety and Health Act, and we have the Safety and Health Committee in place at workplaces with 50 or more employees.
The Safety and Health Committee works to improve the workplace environment by conducting reviews of industrial accidents that have occurred and the actual conditions of overwork and mental health problems, based on reports of survey results issued by the Secretariat.

Measures to create an environment for innovation

Innovation Act

JVCKENWOOD has launched Innovation Act—activities aimed at unearthing untapped ideas in the company, creating an environment for organically creating innovation, and transforming itself into an organization that stimulates innovation.
Innovation Act activities are mainly comprised of the following three programs.

1) Technology idea contest

We invite engineers and employees with expertise to submit a wide range of new technology/product ideas. We will provide support, up to the production of prototypes, for excellent ideas selected through screening.

2) Business idea audition

We hold auditions for new business ideas, set up entrepreneurship within the company for excellent business proposals and support commercialization.

3) Idea Proposal/Discussion Box

We have set up a special internal website for employees to openly post their ideas. We use it as a communication tool across business sectors for open discussion about common threads or sharing solutions for past cases.

Corporate music

Day of the week Concept of music
Monday Energizing music suitable for the start of a new week
Tuesday Stimulating new music
Wednesday Good old fun music that motivates people to go home at the end of regular work hours
Thursday Various genres of music to inspire people to get out of a rut
Friday Uplifting music toward the weekend
Close of business Refreshing music that prompts people to go home at the end of work hours

We play music with different concepts before and after work hours every day via in-company broadcasting, in order to help our employees to do their job while feeling good and motivated.
*Music tracks are provided by JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment Corp.


A photo from awards ceremony

JVCKENWOOD widely honors people who are doing “something good” at their workplace or the Company, with the aim of cultivating the corporate culture of “focusing on strengths” and improving internal communication.
(”xxx” as in “MOST xxx PERSON” varies from award winner to award winner according to the reason for the award.)
Persons qualified for an award are those who have done something good at their workplaces or the Company even if it is not directly related to their jobs.

  • A person who treats customers with great hospitality
  • A person who brightens up the workplace
  • A person who takes the lead in cleaning and tidying up the workplace
  • A person who is actively engaged in social/volunteer activities in local community

The award-giving program started from October 2016, and 36 overseas employees and 6 domestic employees have received awards.


At the awards ceremony

JVCKENWOOD gives the JVCKENWOOD Award for excellent initiatives and business achievements in the JVCKENWOOD Group. Award winners are selected based on the following criteria.

① Degree of contribution to the Group’s business performance
② Degree of impact
③ Difficulty of the challenge
④ Coordination/Initiative
⑤ Uniqueness/Originality
⑥ Best Practice
⑦ Degree of attainment of Vision 2020

Every year, 20 winners of the JVCKENWOOD Award, including three special award winners, are selected.

In-house Posters

We put up posters on various themes, such as messages to employees and introduction of co-workers in the JVCKENWOOD Group, in the Head Office, Business Centers and manufacturing sites. The aim is to foster a sense of togetherness among the Group’s employees.

Production of the Corporate Promotional Video “JVCKENWOODancing”

We produced a dance-based corporate promotional video called “JVCKENWOODancing” as a company/community promotional activity in collaboration with the Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 “Yokohama Arts Foundation” (“Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1”). This is the first creation of the “Red Brick Dance Project—connecting businesses/community with theater,” planned by Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse No.1 as a means of finding a new audience. This video can be viewed on the Diversity page of JVCKENWOOD’s website and our official Facebook page, our official YouTube channel and the website of Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse.
The cast members (dancers) of the promotional video were a wide range of JVCKENWOOD people who responded to an internal invitation regardless of their previous dance experience, gender, age or department.
The dance was originally choreographed for this program and expresses “diverse employees working with excitement and feeling the joy of work” and “a spirit of togetherness in the company.” In addition, the video was directed by highlighting the personalities of individual employees.
The video was shot at JVCKENWOOD’s business centers, including the Head Office & Yokohama Business Center and Hakusan Business Center, as well as Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse, a historic building representing Yokohama with a theater and gallery space. The video recalls the history and culture of Yokohama City where JVCKENWOOD is based and connections between JVCKENWOOD and the local community.

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