Initiatives for the Natural Environment

The JVCKENWOOD Group is pursuing a number of efforts tailored to the needs of various local areas to build closer cooperation and trust with local residents and to contribute as a community member to the community as a whole.


Initiatives to Raise Environmental Awareness

Community Clean-up Activities – Beautifying the Environment

Environmental Lectures

Environmental Value Creation Activities

CO₂ Emission Reduction Initiatives

Preservation of Biodiversity

Initiatives to Raise Environmental Awareness

In order to promote environmentally friendly product designs and business/production activities, the JVCKENWOOD Group works to raise awareness among all employees about the environmental footprint of their operations and encourage them to reduce environmental impacts. Employees are also encouraged to share their ideas on how to reduce environmental impacts in day-to-day operations. They bring together their knowledge and ingenuity to synergistically raise environmental consciousness.


In Japan, the Group’s production bases and affiliated companies are actively engaged in continuing environmental protection events and delivering environmental education classes for local schools and after-school children’s clubs. These activities are reported to all employees via the Intranet to raise their environmental awareness.

Community Clean-up Activities – Beautifying the Environment

In order to promote participation and understanding of environmental conservation, we carry out environmental beautification activities on a regular base in the communities we serve.

Tenryu River clean-up activity

JVCKENWOOD Nagano Corporation has joined the environmental beautification campaign for the Tenryu River, “Let’s Restore a Swimmable Tenryu River and Build a Recycling Society,” to communicate the significance and importance of garbage sorting. In FY2018, at the 21st anniversary of the campaign, the Tenryu River Water Environment Picnic was organized, and 2,934 participants from 77 companies and organizations, including our 30 employees, took part in the beautification activity for the Tenryu River water system. This campaign has taken root in the community as an early summer tradition. JVCKENWOOD Nagano will continue its active support and engagement in the campaign.

Clean-up activity at the mouth of the Aka River

JVCKENWOOD Yamagata Corporation carries out clean-ups at the mouth of the Aka River, which flows through the city of Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture. This initiative began in 2003, when volunteers from the company took part in the Tobishima clean-up activity. Since 2006, in response to an invitation from the Yamagata Prefectural Government, the Shonai General Branch Office, the Non Profit Organization Partnership Office, and JVCKENWOOD Yamagata have worked together to organize this annual clean-up activity. In FY2018, which marked the 13th anniversary of the campaign, 30 employees and family members as well as 69 other volunteers from neighboring and partner companies participated in the activity, gathering a total of about 530 kg of litter. The cumulative total of garbage collected for the past years exceeded 6 tons (6,090 kg). Thus, as part of its community commitment, JVCKENWOOD Yamagata takes part in clean-ups at the mouth of Aka River polluted by tons of waste.

Joint environmental training for new employees

JVCKENWOOD Yamagata provides lecturers for the New Employee Joint Environmental Training aimed at interacting and exchanging information with five neighboring companies. Every year, the training session is followed by a clean-up around Tsuruoka Station. In FY2018, participants collected 666 bags of litter, weighing about 5.6 kg (3.8 kg of inflammables and 1.8 kg of landfill garbage). A breakdown of the garbage collected shows that cigarette butts accounted for 55% of the total while vending machine wires, bicycle saddles, etc. were found in the garbage. A new employee who participated in the clean-up said, “Many cigarette butts were found on the street, and I think all smokers are blamed just because of some bad-mannered people.” Thus, this activity proved to be a meaningful opportunity for raising environmental awareness.

Sosei River clean-up activity in Sapporo

The Hokkaido Business Office of JVCKENWOOD Public & Industrial Systems Corporation joined the 37th Sosei River clean-up activity. In FY2018, a total of 181 participants from the member and partner companies of the Sapporo Light Electrical Appliance Manufacturers Association, including our 3 employees, took part in the clean-up along the Kamokamo River (from Kita 5 Jo Nishi 1-chome to Minami 8 Jo Nishi 3-chome). Our Hokkaido Business Office has been engaged in this campaign for 37 consecutive years, and the Association was awarded by the Minister of the Environment for their years of contribution to community environmental beautification in FY2018.

Hiking and clean-up activities (Malaysia and China)

The JVCKENWOOD Group companies organize hiking and clean-up activities for environmental beautification and health promotion.

JVCKENWOOD Electronics Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. held a hiking and clean-up activity on March 10, 2019. Around 160 employees and family members collected litter while enjoying hiking in the beautiful nature of Gunung Pulai, gathering six bags of litter. Shinwa Industries (China) Ltd. also held a hiking and clean-up activity around Honghua Lake in Huizhou City.

These activities were aimed at raising social awareness against littering, keeping the global environment clean, and developing the next generation to be responsible citizens for nature protection. We will continue these efforts going forward.

JVCKENWOOD Electronics Malaysia Sdn. Bhd.

Shinwa Industries (China) Ltd.

Environmental Lectures

JVCKENWOOD Yamagata Corporation (JKY) made a presentation about its energy conservation initiatives at the two-day Seminar on Promotion of CO2 Emission Reduction in Business Operations held by the Environmental Conservation Association of Yamagata Prefecture and attended by 81 participants.

The presentation included the background of JKY’s energy conservation initiatives, the Energy Conservation Patrol campaigns and its survey results as well as the examples of energy conservation activities to illustrate how to improve facilities and operations and how to raise employee awareness. The seminar was favorably received, as indicated by participants’ comments, such as “Some of the activities can be applied to our company, so I want to explain them to relevant divisions,” “I was impressed by JKY’s long-standing company-wide efforts,” and “Thanks to your clear and detailed explanation about energy conservation activities, I could understand very well.”

Going forward, we will continue our active efforts to publicize our energy conservation activities and promote CO2 emission reduction in our operations.

Environmental Value Creation Activities

JVCKENWOOD is engaged in product development and research aimed at helping resolve a variety of social issues.

Exhibition at Maker Faire Tokyo 2018

JVCKENWOOD Design Corporation is engaged in research and development (R&D) on human senses and sensibilities.

Through its R&D efforts, Cicada Streaming and Wind Streaming were developed to be used for environmental and biodiversity education or activities held by nature centers and similar facilities. They were demonstrated at Maker Faire Tokyo 2018, one of the world’s largest manufacturer fairs.

Cicada Streaming is a prototype that uses Forest Notes to live-stream the sounds of forests from the Shirakami-Sanchi Mountain Range. The calls of cicadas live-streamed via the paper cicada speaker created by local children make users feel as if they were holding a living cicada in their hand. Another prototype, Wind Streaming, was also demonstrated using the sounds of the wind live-streamed from the Shirakami-Sanchi Mountain Range to reproduce the wind to allow visitors to enjoy the summer of Shirakami-Sanchi while they were in Tokyo.

In addition, Forest Notes Scope VR, a virtual-reality field scope, was displayed, offering the joy of discovering wild birds and insects. We hope that these experiences encouraged many of the children and families who visited our booth to go to look for animals and plants in forests and parks.

CO₂ Emission Reduction Initiatives

For details about our CO2 emission reduction initiatives, please see Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Saving Resources and Energy

Preservation of Biodiversity

For details about our biodiversity preservation initiatives, please see Preservation of Biodiversity