Employee Interview - Reiko Okano -

Everyone gets a chance, as long as you don't give up.
There are many paths available—it all depends on you.

Communications Systems Division, Global Marketing Department, Overseas Marketing Section

Joined the company in 2006, currently holding concurrent positions in the Overseas Marketing Section and the Integrated System Business Department. Responsible for drafting marketing strategies for overseas markets of communications business and promoting sales-related business reform.

My 11th year in the company working with foreign markets.

I spent my first four years in production management for the Singapore plant, and the next two years in managing sales and shipping for Australia, China, Taiwan, and Korea. After that, I was stationed in Canada for three and a half years at a sales subsidiary, and I'm currently involved in sales/marketing support for overseas sales bases. I have had the desire to be proactively involved in global business since I was a student. This year it will be eleven years since I joined JVCKENWOOD, which I found attractive because of its global business development. This job has allowed me to be involved in several different foreign markets.

I'm currently part of the Overseas Marketing Section. Overseas sales subsidiaries and the Communications Systems division in Japan come together to consider ways to review sales/marketing in the communications business, as well as to formulate and implement optimal solutions. Specifically, this involves strengthening information sharing and collection, building processes/benchmarks, and providing support for the introduction of new products.


I am also in a concurrent post in the Integrated System Business Department, where I'm involved in drafting plans for application program reform in order to provide customers and partner companies with prompt, customized solutions. The more experience I gain, the more responsibility I have in terms of job content and position. However, I believe that these new challenges stimulate and help both the company and me to grow.

A company that gives its young employees opportunities.

My first chance came two years after I joined the company, when I became the main contact person for the Singapore plant. There were more opportunities for me to communicate in English by email and over the phone, and I had the opportunity to go on business trips.
The Communications Systems Division has the kind of environment which gives employees the opportunity to quickly gain global business experience and become global businesspeople, regardless of age or sex. There are some young people in our section who get stationed abroad in their third year in the company, for example.


Working experience in Canada helped me grow global business sense.

My dream of working abroad first began to come true in my seventh year in the company. I experienced a lot of uncertainty and worry about moving abroad for work, but Human Resources gave me good explanations and assistance related to the working visa application process and administrative procedures, and other things that I needed to know beforehand. There was also a guidebook to help me get ready for the move, as well as the option to enroll in classes at a language school, even for languages other than English.


And then my real work at the Canadian subsidiary began. It was difficult yet incredibly important for me to establish my position in a different country and in a different language. Since I had been dispatched from Japan, I tried to play a role that would enhance business cooperation and the relationship between Japan and the Canadian subsidiary, while quickly breaking down the barriers of the differences in the business culture and the market. At the same time I worked to gain the trust of the other local staff and of customers, and contribute to the company as one of the team members in the office. My experience at the Canadian subsidiary strengthened me mentally and contributed to the confidence that I have today.


Toward an even more global future for the company.

Having worked with our overseas business bases for so long, I've come to believe that one of the things the company needs to do in order to develop business is to utilize superior human resources, regardless of their nationality. Though the number of foreign workers in this company has increased in the past few years, I have started to think we need to become even more diverse and global in order to be strong enough to be competitive in the rapidly changing markets.
I've been hearing from some employees at overseas business bases that they'd like to get work experience with employees in Japan, and I think it would be nice if we could create more opportunities for global personnel exchange and training in Japan for these people.


I want to move forward in my career without giving up on
what I think is important in life.


As a woman, I want to move up the career ladder as well as balance work and family. JVCKENWOOD has a solid support system for childcare, nursing care, and other life events. There are many employees utilizing this system, including female senior officers who are playing active roles.
In the future, I want to use my experience in global business, challenge myself to become the person I want to be with persistence, and contribute to the company and to society.


* Job titles and affiliations are as of publication time.