Initiatives to Support the Development of Skills & Careers

JVCKENWOOD has implemented systematic training for employees to develop and enhance the skills they need to perform their professional duties and demonstrate their full capabilities within their organizations. We also conduct a career development program that assists employees in making use of their experience to realize their personal visions for the future. Through these two efforts, we have put in place a training system that offers carefully tailored support for the growth of each employee.

Employee training to develop/strengthen skills

JVCKENWOOD has established a training system to foster diverse human resources, including New Employee Training for new employees joining the company, New Promotee Training for employees promoted to a higher level or position within the company, New Manager Training for employees promoted to a managerial position, and participation in outside seminars and business schools, all aimed at meeting employees’ ambitions for growth.


To spread the specialist knowledge and operational know-how needed for business strategies and operational administration throughout the company, departments are also independently planning and conducting training in specialist knowledge and operations.

Training category Content (eligible persons) No. of Participants in FY2017
Managerial-class training Dispatch to outside training
Training for the heads of overseas sites
Tier-specific training ① New Employee Training: group training and sales practice
② New Promotee Training: training for persons promoted to general administrative roles
③ New Manager Training: training for persons newly promoted to managerial positions
(20 new employees, 169 new promotees, 49 new managers)
Career design training See Career Development Program below 437
Specialist knowledge training and practical seminars by individual organizations Training on specialist knowledge and practical operations planned/administered by individual organizations
(Group training and e-learning)
<FY2017 Training Topics>
Diversity, mental health, risk management, intellectual property, legal affairs, compliance, trade operations, IT security, etc.

Career Development Program

The Career Development Program consists of the following three contents, each of which has respective target employees and subjects.

  1. 1.Career interview
  2. 2.Career design training
  3. 3.Career development support

1. Career interview

Career interview, the most fundamental part of the Career Development Program, is an opportunity for employees to discuss with their superiors their own career vision and career development topics (matching with assigned organizations, individual skills possessed, etc.) to line up the individual’s desired direction with the company’s expectations. All employees take part in career interview, which are conducted once per year.

2. Career design training

Career design training is an opportunity for employees themselves to draw their own career vision and consider what actions are necessary to realize it, and fundamentally it is conducted at five-year intervals. Expectations are that employees will take note of various facts when considering their future vision while looking back at their approach to work theretofore. This training also gives them the chance to discuss their career visions with other participants while comprehensively thinking about work-life balance in terms of self-development toward future goals and connections with family and the local community.

3. Career development support

Employees who have completed career design training are eligible to use the career development support system. This system includes assistance in terms of both time and money that enables employees to make the best of what they have learned and discovered in the above training to take on further challenges. Thus, it helped improve our value as a company by actively supporting human resources development for enthusiastic and skilled employees, including encouraging them to become qualified as certified social insurance labor consultants or obtain other qualifications. We provided support for about 130 employees in FY2017 and, as this positively stimulated other employees, we will proactively continue making use of this support system.


Structure of Career Development Program (CDP)