Fair Labor-Management Relations

JVCKENWOOD promotes active dialogue between labor and management in recognition of the fact that trusting labor-management relations will boost the productivity and motivation of employees and lead to sustained growth for the company.

Labor-management dialogue

JVCKENWOOD enjoys a labor-management relationship with the JVCKENWOOD Labor Union that represents all employees, together establishing labor agreements that cover the three rights of labor (the right to unionize, the right to collectively bargain, and the right to collectively act) as well as wages, working hours and other working conditions, and negotiating/discussing personnel matters, complaints, etc.


As of July 2018, 100% of employees (excluding executives and managerial personnel) belong to the union. Labor and management meet periodically in informal management gatherings, financial results briefings, and special labor-management committee meetings on particular programs, discuss matters,, and promptly implement agenda items on which they have agreed. About 20 labor-management meetings were held in FY2017, coming to agreement in particular on programs pertaining to childcare/nursing care and making revisions to these and other human resources programs. By actively continuing to pursue labor-management dialogue, we will further solidify the sound relations between labor and management in FY2018.