Employee Health Management

Health and Productivity Management*

JVCKENWOOD is determined to be both a good partner to all stakeholders and a company at which employees enjoy working, motivated by a sense of challenge, accomplishment, fulfillment, and excitement.
To achieve this aim, the company’s top management has disseminated the JVCKENWOOD Health Policy Statement to all employees, and we continue to create workplace environments in which employees can work healthily and vigorously.

<The JVCKENWOOD Health Policy Statement>

JVCKENWOOD strives to create a workplace environment that enables its employees to stay healthy and motivated at work to achieve its corporate vision:
“Creating excitement and peace of mind for the people of the world.”

Based on the JVCKENWOOD Health Policy Statement, we promote maintenance and enhancement of employee health through the collaborative efforts of management and the relevant departments for industrial health, human resources and general administration divisions as well as the Health Insurance Association.

*Health and Productivity Management is a registered trademark of the Workshop for the Management of Health for Companies and Employees.


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Recognized among the White 500 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organizations for 2018

JVCKENWOOD in February 2018 was recognized as one of the White 500 Certified Health and Productivity Management Organizations for 2018, a certification program administered jointly by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry and the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.
Instituted in FY2017, this program presents awards to large corporations as well as small and medium-sized enterprises that are carrying out particularly noteworthy health and productivity management efforts to address local health issues and to promote health along the lines being advanced by the Nippon Kenko Kaigi.
We will be further accelerating collaboration on health issues with the Health Insurance Association based on the JVCKENWOOD Health Policy Statement, all the while working more closely with relevant departments to implement health and productivity management activities.

Anti-smoking measures

JVCKENWOOD has been creating suitable workplace environments, educating/supporting employees and engaging in a variety of other endeavors to achieve its aims of eliminating all smoking areas in its major business centers and reducing the percentage of smoking employees to less than 20% by 2020. We limit smoking areas to cut the risks of passive smoking, restrict smoking hours in multiple business centers (including the Head Office) and have human resources personnel patrol workplaces. On World No-Tobacco Day in May 2018, we conducted a company-wide survey of all employees and put up posters regarding smoking to give employees an accurate understanding of smoking and educate them on smoking cessation. To manage the health of smokers, we plan to conduct educational activities on the harm to health caused by smoking through our in-house portal site and elsewhere, and provide support to those wishing to quit smoking (supplying information through smoking cessation seminars and introducing smoking cessation clinics, etc.)

The percentage of smokers among all employees was 27.3% in FY2017, and we will be implementing further anti-smoking measures with an eye to FY2020.

Mental health measures

In order to address mental health issues, JVCKENWOOD introduced a stress check-up system in FY2016 in accordance with the revised Industrial Safety and Health Act, and it has been working to have employees take notice of mental health issues, to foster awareness of the need for prevention, and to improve the workplace environment. In our stress check-up system, employees conduct self-checks on items independently determined by the company as well as the 57 items in the simplified occupational stress survey from the Ministry of Health, Labour & Welfare’s Stress Check Implementation Program, these findings are used to help employees take note of any concerns (self-care), organizational trends are shared with the business location heads, Human Resources Department, and General Administration Department, and appropriate measures are instituted in the workplace as necessary. In conjunction with these stress checks, we have set up a counseling service hotline manned by outside experts, all part of a system for offering employees comprehensive support to resolve their problems and worries in both their work and private lives.

Employees determined through this stress check-up system to be under “high stress” accounted for over 5% of all employees in FY2017. Users of the counseling service hotline receive mental health advice from specialists to help resolve their workplace difficulties, and we will be looking in future to make the best use of both systems.

We have also established a return-to-work support system for employees returning to the workplace after taking time off for mental health reasons. This system comprises a support scheme that lets employees return on a trial basis and then increases their working hours in stages to ensure that employees can smoothly return to their work duties. In FY2017, about 30 employees returned to their workplaces through various attempts, and we will be continuing to work with relevant in-house organizations to provide support to employees and workplaces.

Overwork prevention measures

Long working hours are recognized as a major problem that could lead to harm to the health of employees or even death from overwork. Accordingly, we have been actively seeking to combat long working hours by checking the working hours of all employees each month and providing feedback to their workplaces, setting a specific day on which employees are required to leave work on time, and encouraging employees to take their annual paid leaves. In addition, we provide employees working long hours with face-to-face guidance and medical interviews with industrial physicians to ascertain and prevent any potential harm to their health.


Interview with an industrial physician for employees working long hours