K2 Technology has been optimized to match Bluetooth® wireless technology

Achieving high-quality sound equivalent to the original high-resolution sound, even used wirelessly.

K2 Technology can help solve the issue of sound deterioration due to the increasing number of wireless audio equipment. Audio data is sent wirelessly by compressing data using one of the codecs (e.g. SBC, AAC, Qualcomm®aptX™ audio, etc.) with Bluetooth® wireless technology. 

Compared to wired technology, there is a drawback in terms of sound quality with Bluetooth® due to degradation caused by compression. In order to regenerate the lost music data during wireless transmission, K2 Technology can process the signal using optimum parameters that match each c odec to achieve sound quality close to that of wired transmission. K2 Technology c an make sound sources o f widely a vailable Bluetooth®-compatible equipment, such as smartphones, equivalent to high-res level.

Sound source restoration with K2

Waveform correction parameters for each codec are optimized; when paired with Bluetooth®, waveform correction is performed by using the parameters that support the selected codec. The output audio signal will be equivalent to high-res level (192 kHz/ 24-bit format).

Broad and smooth sound can be played back with waveform correction processing optimum for the Bluetooth® wireless technology

In o rder to regenerate lost audio d ata c aused by the c ompression process in Bluetooth® wireless technology, high-precision waveform correction is performed by extending the processing range until lower frequency band than the one used conventional CD sound sources. The signal is then output as a high-res equivalent (192 kHz/24-bit format) music signal. As a result, broad and smooth sound close to the original master can be achieved.

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