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Functions and Features

Remote grayscale check and remote calibration functions

Conformance testing to DICOM GSDF and calibration can be remotely accomplished. These features minimize the burden on display administrators.

Auto remote grayscale conformance evaluation
Combined with JVCKENWOOD's performance monitoring software PM Medivisor, grayscale conformance to DICOM according to AAPM TG18 can be checked automatically and remotely.

  • PM Medivisor’s scheduling function activates periodic auto-evaluation.
  • The test runs as a background process. Thus it can be carried out even when the display is in use.
  • Results are available graphically for easy review and are centrally managed by PM Medivisor.

Remote calibration capability
The remote calibration feature is added to reduce the burden on system administrators. Calibration of remote displays canbe accomplished from a management terminal.

  • Execution of calibration using the built-in luminance sensor.
  • Results are centrally managed by PM Medivisor.

* Remote calibration is available when "i2 model" is used along with PM Medvisor Ver. 4.0 and above.

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