Supporting passion,
delivering peace of mind

Audio, video, and wireless communications technologies are our key business domains.
We take on challenges in the world of motor sports in order to refine those technologies.

We first became involved with motor sports in 1983.

Motor sports play out in a very harsh environment rife with noise, vibration, and high temperatures,
and various difficulties confront those developing products for use in such challenging surroundings.

We have been working to develop products that can withstand use in such extreme environments
so that all of our partners can participate in races with confidence,
and we can wholeheartedly share in the excitement and emotion generated.

That sentiment is inherent in all we do.

Refining technology through various challenges.

MotoGP™ Wireless communications, audio technologies

Wireless communications, audio technologies

Every race, we provide wireless communications technology to an operational staff of approximately 400 people who conduct the world’s most prominent motorcycle race, MotoGP™.

SUPER GT® Video technology

Video technology

The Super GT® is a grand touring car* racing series that is very popular in Japan. All cars in the top category, GT500 class, are equipped with our onboard cameras.
*Touring car: commercially available vehicles that have been remodeled

McLaren F1 Team Wireless communications technology

McLaren F1 Team
Wireless communications technology

We are developing wireless communications systems for the prestigious McLaren/Renault team that competes in F1, the pinnacle of the motor sports world.

Our efforts began in 1983.

Sponsor of the Porsche Kremer Racing team competing in the Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race. (KENWOOD)
Started providing the McLaren F1 team with wireless communications equipment. As the official supplier, these efforts continue today. (KENWOOD)
Signed WTCC Event Partnership. (KENWOOD)
Signed WTCC Official Series Partnership. (JVCKENWOOD)
Started individually sponsoring Super GT® drivers Juichi Wakisaka (at that time), Masataka Yanagida, and Takuya Izawa. (KENWOOD)
Signed SUPER GT® Series Sponsorship. (JVCKENWOOD)
Started providing specially developed onboard cameras for all cars in the Super GT®500 class. (JVC)
Sponsored "Modulo Drago CORSE" Team in GT300 class, SUPER GT® 2018 (KENWOOD)
Started individually sponsoring SUPER GT® driver Ritomo Miyata. (KENWOOD)
Concluded an official supplier contract with MotoGP™, wireless system adopted for operations. (KENWOOD)

Refining technology
for our products/services.

We are applying the technologies we have refined through our efforts in the world of motor sports, as well as the passion developed therein, to all of our brands’ products and services.