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There are few places on earth with such harsh environments where humans can exist.

A surreal world characterized by extremes in noise, vibration,
high temperature
and gravitational forces.

Where each season, race and circuit, brings a different environment.
This is the world of Motor Sports.

And it’s here that we face
our biggest challenges.

Maintaining performance
in all conditions.
Anticipating and preparing for
all possibilities;
excuses will not be tolerated.

Motor Sports sets high expectations
for how our technology needs
to perform.

Expectations that we surpass.

Technologies put to
the test
in every scenario.

There are many instances in motor sports where,
wireless technologies, video and sound are applied
and put to the test.

Where the more important the race, the more critical it is
for the technologies to perform. Faultlessly.



UP TO 400

MotoGP™ attracts an average attendance
of 148,000 spectators at each round
throughout the season.
It takes a team of between
300-400 people to make things happen
at each circuit.
And a solid communications network
to support them.

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Organisers, officials, photographers, camera crews, media, race teams and engineers are scattered all around the circuit, each playing a vital role in bringing the excitement of the race,
in real time, to spectators, viewers and participating race teams.


Detailed instructions are given and actions taken to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible throughout the three days - from practice to the main event.

The difference between success and failure comes down to
the availability of clear and reliable voice communications, whatever the operating environment or weather conditions, and across all parts of the circuit.



The on board cameras mounted
in the cockpits of GT500 and GT300 cars
competing in the elite SUPER GT® Series
capture the essence of the race and bring them clearly into view.

The on-board cameras fitted to the GT500 and GT300 class cars are expected to record every exciting moment of the race,
in race conditions where vibration is extreme, contact between vehicles is common and cockpit temperatures can rise to 60 degC.
Instant and optimum correction of exposure, color tone
and image blur is expected. So too is light weight, compact dimensions, durability, ruggedness against impacts
and exceptional picture quality.


As they are based on production cars, the technical and engineering learning from our involvement
in the Super GT® Series can be directly transferred
for application in everyday road vehicles.

Starting in 1983.
Our challenge continues.

Sponsorship of the Porsche Kremer Racing team competing in the Le Mans 24-Hours endurance race (KENWOOD)
Signed the Official Supplier agreement to supply radio communications to the McLaren F1 team (KENWOOD)
Signed WTCC Event Partnership agreement (KENWOOD)
Signed WTCC Official Series Partnership agreement (JVCKENWOOD)
Sponsorship of SuperGT® Series drivers Juichi Wakisaka, Masataka Yanagida and Takuya Izawa (KENWOOD)
Sponsorship of SuperGT® Series (JVCKENWOOD)
Started providing specially developed onboard cameras for all GT500 Class cars competing in the SuperGT® Series (JVC)
Sponsorship of Modulo Drago CORSE Team in the GT300 Class of the the SuperGT® Series (KENWOOD)
Sponsorship of SuperGT® Series driver Ritomo Miyata (KENWOOD)
Signed the Official Supplier agreement for radio communication systems to MotoGP™ (KENWOOD)

The fusion of technologies
to create new values.

In motor sports teams, every individual has a purpose and responsibility.
The design, technical and engineering teams are responsible
for the performance of the cars and the pit crew.
The management team is responsible for the safety, race strategy,
driver and commercial performance of the team.
New values are always created in places where people exist together.
That’s why we will continue to challenge for new value creation in our businesses.