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  • Car Electronics

    The JVCKENWOOD Group positions the Car Electronics Segment, in which both brands JVC and Kenwood participate, as its largest business. JVCKENWOOD will focus on the development of new products by combining all cutting-edge fostered acoustic, visual, and car mounting technologies to make the most of both brands. At the same time, JVCKENWOOD will strengthen the OEM business and aim ahead to commercialize new growth business domains.

  • Professional Systems

    The Professional Systems Segment consists of two businesses: the Communications Business and the Professional & Healthcare Business. The Communications Business has the world's second largest market share in the mainstay area of land mobile radio equipment. The business achieved this share by combining radio technologies, which have been cultivated over many years since the era of amateur radio equipment, with cutting-edge digital and network technologies. The Professional & Healthcare Business provides highly reliable, professional-use video and audio equipment, based on the advanced image shooting, display, and acoustic technologies offered to such markets as electrical facilities, education and the public sector, private corporations, and amusement facilities.

  • Optical & Audio

    The JVCKENWOOD Group had been allotting its development and production resources related to optical devices and audio systems to the Home & Mobile Electronics Business for consumer electronics and the Professional Systems. In the Audio Division, we are accelerating efforts to concentrate on high-value-added products by embodying network devices and design-specific products. The aim is to focus on businesses that can demonstrate the strengths of the JVC and KENWOOD brands. In the Image/Optical Device Division, we will make the most of our advanced video, cutting-edge image processing and 3D technologies to commercialize full-fledged home projectors and 3D projectors based on our proprietary Liquid Crystal on Silicon (LCOS) micro display technology, as well as the next generation of image devices, such as HUD.

  • Entertainment Software

    As the content business of the JVCKENWOOD Group, the Entertainment Software Business consists of the content segment, which has as its core Victor Entertainment, Inc. and Teichiku Entertainment, Inc., and the OEM Business that specializes mainly in the production of CDs, DVDs, and BDs. The second and fourth oldest record companies in Japan, Victor Entertainment and Teichiku Entertainment, respectively, have continued to deliver excitement to people through artists and music for over 80 years. The expansion of the OEM Business, and utilize music and video technologies and know-how will strengthen the Group's overall ability.

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