Stakeholder Engagement The JVCKENWOOD Group’s Sustainability

The JVCKENWOOD Group has identified important stakeholders and organized our engagements (establishment of trusting relations) with each stakeholder as shown below. Proactive and careful dialogue will be pursued with all stakeholders to advance sustainable business operations and improve corporate value.

Stakeholders Customers Business partners Shareholders/
Employees Government/
local communities
Basic stance
  • Pursue product development and manufacturing through customer-oriented processes that help resolve social issues in order to improve customer satisfaction
  • Enhance understanding of our company through sustainable procurement activities and PR/advertising/design strategies
  • Improve trust through sincere interactions
  • Accurately disseminate management information and build trusting relations
  • Improve our corporate value as an investment destination by formulating and implementing ESG-conscious management strategies/initiatives (PDCA)
  • Carry out reforms to make workplaces more comfortable environments in which individual employees can maximally demonstrate their capabilities
  • Promote diversity to make the best of a wide variety of human resources
  • Strive for co-existence with local communities through advertising and public relations efforts
  • Work together with local communities to address local issues and build good trusting relations in order to achieve sustainable business operations
Communication methods ■ Websites
■ Product pamphlets
■ DVDs/CDs
■ Reports
■ Design movies
■ Television commercials
■ Websites
■ Press releases
■ Responses to press inquiries/interviews
■ Reports
■ Request forms
■ Websites
■ Press releases
■ Securities reports
■ Financial statements
■ Shareholder news letters
■ Reports
■ Intranet
■ In-house newsletters
■ Reports
■ In-house events
■ Award system
■ Movie production
■ Websites
■ Environmental education
■ Press releases
■ Responses to press inquiries/interviews
■ Welfare workshops
■ Reports
Opportunities for communication ● Sales activities
● Seminars
● Exhibitions
● Newspapers
● Magazines
● Specialist journals
● Web members
● Industry groups/committees
● Disclosures to shareholders
● Financial Results briefings
● IR/SR meetings
●Labor-management council meetings
● Internal financial results briefings
● Behavioral guidelines briefings
● CSR seminars
● Training sessions
● Newspapers
● Magazines
● Specialist journals
● Web members
● Factory tours
● Local events (social/environmental)
● Training seminars
● Industry groups

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