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In October last year, we marked the fifth anniversary of the establishment of JVCKENWOOD. At the same time, we have been moving forward toward new growth under the banner of JK3.0 (the third era of JVCKENWOOD). While upholding our corporate vision of “creating excitement and peace of mind for the people of the world,” we are devoting constant efforts not only to raising our customers’ satisfaction, but also to delivering to them an added element of “WOW” or surprise.
As a company founded on technology, we possess vast quantities of intellectual property. We experience joy in our role as a Customer Value Creator, a company that helps its customers to increase their value by anticipating our customers’ problems and offering them solutions with maximized utilization of our extensive intellectual property.
Furthermore, we own the following valuable brands.

Imagination that magnifies human sense
Precision that exceeds limits
Exploring a new era with pride

Through our own business activities, we will strive to further enhance the value of these brands and to use them to maximum advantage.

Meanwhile, throughout the world, the keywords, the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are a constant topic of conversation and of growing importance. We are putting forth our strengths in the areas of audio, visual, and communications systems and we believe it is important that we further strengthen the connections of those areas with IoT and AI. We are engaged in a range of businesses in the three sectors of Automotive, Public Service and Media Service and we continue to take on challenges in our business that anticipates major trends around the world.

The changing nature of the automotive industry, as evidenced by the developments toward self-driving vehicles and electric vehicles (EV), has become a major theme for our Automotive Sector. Along the road to the practical application of these two things, we expect there to be major expansion in the areas of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), such as dashcams and electronic mirrors, and vehicle telematics (informatization of automobiles).
Applying optics technology and other technologies that we have built up over the years, we introduced our digital cockpit system onto the market ahead of our competitors. In the dashcam market as well, our models, which deliver advanced functions, reliability, and high picture quality, have been extremely well received by customers and our share of the market is expanding rapidly.
In the future, the advent of the era of self-driving vehicles will necessitate a revolution in vehicle cabin spaces. In both our Aftermarket and OEM Businesses, we will make every use of our strengths in the areas of audio, visual, and communication systems to offer solutions for that coming revolution. By doing so, we will deliver safety, peace of mind, comfort, and reliability.

Our initiatives in the Public Service Sector are focused on the public safety and healthcare areas. In the public safety area, we are engaged in businesses such as radio communications systems and security camera systems. Our noise-cancelling technology, which enables clear radio communications even in noisy environments, and our image processing technologies, which realize speedy video analytics of large volumes of security camera footage, are examples of the technologies that we draw on from our strong areas of audio, visual, and communications. We also partner with other companies to deliver even more differentiated solutions.

As Japan’s birth rate declines and its population ages, the market in the healthcare area is expected to grow significantly in coming years. We see this area as one in which we can take great advantage of the audio and visual technologies that we have built up over the years. For example, we are creating advanced, revolutionary testing and diagnostic systems, such as those using optical disk technologies for the early diagnosis of cancer. We are also moving into the point-of-care testing (POCT) market in response to the move toward IoT in healthcare and proceeding with the commercialization of operation room (OR) video system solutions. One of the most important challenges for the national government and local governments is the early assessment of social developmental disabilities and the provision of appropriate remedial teaching treatment where necessary, as a means of helping people to engage actively with society. At JVCKENWOOD, we are pursuing the development of Gazefinder, a device that measures line of sight using our proprietary sensing system for eye gaze patterns, as a diagnostic aid to assist early assessment of social developmental disabilities. Going forward, we will continue to expand the range of applications for this solution.

The Media Service Sector consists of the Media Business and the Entertainment Business, both of which could be described as the original home of our strengths of audio and visual technologies. In the Media Business, we possess a variety of cutting-edge technologies, the most representative of which is EXOFIELD, our proprietary out-of-head localization sound field processing technology. This technology gives headphones the same real sound-field effect as if listening by a speaker. Through our WiZMUSIC service, which is equipped with this technology, and other products and services, we are making great advances in this area. The Entertainment Business, meanwhile, is truly a world of sensibilities, and an area in which we can offer people “excitement and peace of mind.” As well as thoroughly pursuing our strengths in these two businesses, we will strive to take advantage of our brands and to enhance their value.

For our company to achieve sustainable development, it is important that we meet the expectations of all of our stakeholders, have the trust of society, and continue to contribute to society.
“Gazefinder,” the healthcare business solution mentioned above, is an excellent example of this. We place importance on pursuing our corporate social responsibility (CSR) through these kinds of business activities. As well as continuing to create products and services that will solve a variety of social issues, we hope to forge deep ties of trust not only with our customers, but with all of our stakeholders, while constantly striving to enhance our corporate value.
I look forward to your continued understanding and support.

November 2017

Takao Tsuji
President & CEO
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