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Since the launch of the new management structure in June 2016, we have been moving forward toward new growth under the banner of JK3.0 (the third era of JVCKENWOOD). While upholding our corporate visions of “creating excitement and peace of mind for the people of the world,” we are devoting constant efforts not only to enhancing customer satisfaction, but also to delivering an added element of “WOW” or surprise.

◆ Our Efforts for the Mid- to Long-term Business Plan

It has been over two years since the formulation of the Vision 2020 mid- to long-term management plan. We have evaluated the progress of the plan as well as our future initiatives, and announced the results on January 31 this year. JVCKENWOOD will continue to focus on the following six initiatives in order to achieve our vision toward FY2020 of “evolving into a customer value creator”.

1. From a product vendor to a solution provider

JVCKENWOOD will revise existing business operations focusing on product development under an operating unit system. Instead, it aims to become a partner for customers, an organization which can deeply understand their problems and provide individual and specific solutions by employing management methods led by the market and customers, and which can also respond to expansion of B-to-B businesses.

2. From product sales companies to business operation companies

Direct sales businesses based on dialogues between business units at headquarters and customers are expanding in growing businesses, such as factory-installed option businesses in the Automotive Sector and the Communications Systems Business. In response to this trend, JVCKENWOOD restructured its business units at headquarters by customer’s industry sector and positioned international regional operation companies as a company that provides product planning and marketing functions, as well as customer support functions in direct sales businesses.

3. From closed innovation to open innovation

To promptly commercialize next-generation businesses on which we are currently working, JVCKENWOOD will cooperate closely with outside partners, including venture companies, to accelerate development of a solution-oriented model.

4. Evolution into a technology-based company founded on intellectual property

We own a number of intellectual properties mainly in the fields of audio, visual, and communications cultivated through our business activities over the years. We will aim to become a technology-based company that makes a variety of proposals to solve customers’ issues and social issues by making the maximum use of our intellectual properties.

5. Initiatives designed to increase the brand value

To coincide with the release of EXOFIELD, our unique out-of-head localization sound processing technology, in March 2017, we redefined and revived the Victor as a brand that “explores a new era with pride.” We will continue to come up with innovative solutions that create customer value.

6. Initiatives designed to solve social issues through business activities

We will incorporate corporate social responsibility (CSR) in our basic strategy, and will link our business with the issues to be addressed by the SDGs* and work toward solving social issues through business activities, while continuously seeking to improve corporate value by implementing innovation that anticipates the needs of society.

*An abbreviation for Sustainable Development Goals adopted by the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015

◆Revisions to the Management Principles and the Action Guidelines

JVCKENWOOD has conducted corporate activities by adhering to its founding corporate spirit under the corporate visions of “creating excitement and peace of mind for the people of the world.”

To achieve the targets set under Vision 2020, we have decided to revise the Management Principles and the Action Guidelines in view of recent dramatic changes in the environment and market surrounding our company, while continuing to consider the corporate visions as the basis of our management, in accordance with the growth strategy pursued under Vision 2020.
The Management Principles are positioned as a guidepost that shows the shortest route to achieving the corporate visions and the Action Guidelines are a policy for corporate activities conducted by a company to meet the expectations of society and fulfill its responsibilities.

Management Principles
Transform into a customer value creator
Evolve as a technology based company
Contribute to a sustainable society through our business
Action Guidelines
Refine our senses regularly to create products and services that offer a moving experience
Provide solutions that make a real difference through innovation and collaboration
Strive for sincere, responsible corporate behavior as our commitment to compliance

◆Toward Sustainable Growth

For our company to achieve sustainable development, it is important that we meet the expectations of all of our stakeholders, have the trust of society, and continue to contribute to society. In this context, one excellent example is Gazefinder, a gaze point sensing device designed to assist early evaluations of social development by applying our proprietary gaze point sensing technologies, which we are developing in the Healthcare Business.
We place importance on pursuing our CSR through these kinds of business activity. As well as continuing to create products and services that will solve a variety of social issues, we hope to forge deep ties of trust not only with our customers, but also with all of our stakeholders, while constantly striving to achieve sustainable growth and to enhance our corporate value.

JVCKENWOOD has launched a new management structure, under which Takao Tsuji, previously Representative Director of the Board, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) was appointed Representative Director of the Board, Chairman and CEO, and Shoichiro Eguchi, previously Representative Director of the Board, Executive Vice President was appointed Representative Director of the Board, President and Chief Operating Officer (COO), effective April 1, 2018. The Chairman and the President will join hands and work together to have the corporate structure of our company evolve and to move it forward to JK3.1, the next generation of JK3.0. In addition, we will accelerate the development of our company to keep up with the times, and even go slightly ahead of them.

We look forward to your continued understanding and support.

April 2018

Takao Tsuji, Representative Director, Chairman and CEO
Shoichiro Eguchi, Representative Director, President and COO

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