About our environmental activityEnvironmental Activities

About our environmental activity

Environmental Policies

To preserve global environments and resources and prevent pollution, we will manage our business activities, our product development, and our services through ongoing improvements with a full awareness of our environmental impact.

Through interactions with the earth

We actively interact with the global environment through regionally based activities (e.g. reviving underdeveloped woodland and conducting cleanup activities). Through these regional activities, we have renewed our awareness of the global environment and corporate citizenship.
The distinguished contributor designation for regional environmental preservation was awarded to JVCKENWOOD by the Minister for the Environment. This designation is awarded to persons and organizations that attain distinguished achievements over many years for promoting environmental preservation.

Artwork class offering nature-related education

We held a summer artwork class at Laforet Shuzenji in collaboration with Mori Trust Hotels & Resorts Co., Ltd. Since “Forest Notes” (a wireless active speaker) was used for this class, students were able to learn about photosynthesis while listening to forest sounds. Then they made crafts according to their own taste, using materials from the forest.
Everyone was able to appreciate the blessings of the forest, get in touch with the forest, feel the smell of the forest, and listen to the sounds of the forest.

Camcorder for moms (GZ-N1) - It's 30% lighter than before

This is the industry's first antibacterial video camera produced based on the opinions of mothers. A strap instead of an ordinary belt-type grip and a built-in tilt stand allow the use of this camera at children's eye-level. This camera is 40% smaller and 30% lighter than the previous GZ-E565 model. Users can save more beautiful videos of happy times spent with their children for a longer time.

In-car speaker with a dragonfly wing structure*1

Dragonflies flit freely under the autumn sky.
They fly in a gentle breeze or even in relatively strong wind without having to worry about wind speed.
Dragonflies have strong, light-weight, and thin wings, which are the same characteristics required for Speaker diaphragms The dragonfly wing structure shows a fractal pattern*2, which is also observable in various cases in the natural world.
We have applied this pattern to speaker diaphragms.
By utilizing the lessons we learned from the natural world, we have created lighter and stronger diaphragms. Then, after restricting the divided vibration, we successfully realized clear, less distorted sound with less resonance.

Dragonfly wings Artwork Diaphragm created

  • *1 Patent publication number: 2011-139431 This diaphragm has been adopted by RS Series including KFC-RS171.
  • *2 A word created by Benoit Mandelbrot, a French mathematician, in 1975. This word is derived from “fractus,” a Latin adjective meaning “regular fragments.” Many objects with the characteristics of fractals exist in the natural world.
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