About our environmental activityEnvironmental Activities

About our environmental activity

Environmental Policies

To preserve global environments and resources and prevent pollution, we will manage our business activities, our product development, and our services through ongoing improvements with a full awareness of our environmental impact.


Participation in the Tanabata Light-Down Campaign

The JVCKENWOOD Group supports the CO2 Reduction/Light-Down Campaign, a global warming prevention initiative that has been promoted by the Ministry of Environment since 2003. Between 8:00 p.m. and 10:00 p.m. on July 7, the day designated as “Cool Earth Day”, we held our own “Tanabata Light-Down.” All outdoor lighting on signs, advertisements, and the like, and the lights in the work spaces of certain departments in the JVCKENWOOD Group were turned off, in an initiative to reduce CO2 emissions.

<Head Office and Yokohama Business Center (Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture)>
Lights on
Lights off
<JVCKKENWOOD Yamagata Corporation (Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture)>
Production Floor
Lights on
Lights off
<JVCKENWOOD Nagano Corporation (Ina, Nagano Prefecture)>
Materials Floor
Lights on
Lights off

Environmental Activities in FY2016

Managing Dragonfly Environment

JVCKENWOOD created a biotope dragonflypond on the premises of JVCKENWOOD Head Office & Yokohama Business Center in 2006 as part of “the Making of Forest of Keihin Project,”conducted jointly by the City of Yokohama and corporate partners.We have participated from the very beginning in “How far Dragonflies Migrate Forum,”a research project on dragonfly migration carried out by local governments,sxoerts,citizens and neighboring companies to study the relation between corporate greenery areas and biodiversity, and we monitor the habitat of dragonflies and other aquatic insects.When the dragonfly pond was created, wetransplanted only one species of waterweed from a nearby river.However, the pond is currently inhabited by many speciesof waterweed, aquatic inserts, Japanese rice fish, and other life form. We also check on the arrival and habitation of rare species during a stationary observation.

Mt. Kinbozan Forest Maintenance Activity (JVCKENWOOD Yamagata)JVCKENWOOD Yamagata

JVCKENWOOD Yamagata Corporation participates in forest maintenance volunteer activities organized by the Yamagata Prefecture Environmental Conservation Association, helping to maintain Mt. Kinbozan in Tsuruoka, Yamagata Prefecture. The area’s ancestors planted oak trees and other hardwoods on Mt. Kinbozan to harvest for charcoal, and for many years, it was maintained as a Satoyama, or traditional rural landscape of the area. In recent years, however, with the decline in demand for charcoal, the forests have started to be left in a neglected state. To maintain the rich vegetation and ecosystems of the Satoyama, and to ensure the safety of visitors to the area, JVCKENWOOD Yamagata participates in work such as forest thinning, vine-cutting, and underbrush cutting every year, receiving a Certificate of Appreciation from the Yamagata Prefecture Environmental Conservation Council for its efforts.

Forest restoration activities/mangrove planting and forest protection activities (Thailand)

JVCKENWOOD Optical Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. participated in the forest restoration activities in Tatton National Park and joined in the social contribution activity to plant a total of 1,000 trees for environmental protection.

JVCKENWOOD Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd. also engaged in a volunteer activity for forest protection to build a dam. The aim of this activity is to make efforts to slow down global warming and hydrate forests as a tool to reduce damage caused by floods. In addition, our employees took part in a mangrove planting activity in Samut Sakhon Province.

Participating in a tree-planting program by Enviornment Management Agency(Indonesia)

PT.JVC electronics Indonesia participates in ”1,000 mahogany tree planting program carried out by Karawand District environment Management Agency.”

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