Corporate Information

Corporate Information

Management Message

Message from President Shoichiro Eguchi.


Our Philosophy

Philosophy of JVCKENWOOD Group are explained.


Our Brands

Brands of JVCKENWOOD Group are explained.


Management Plan

Management Plan of JVCKENWOOD Group are explained.


Business Outline

Business outline of JVCKENWOOD Corporation


Corporate Data

Basic information of JVCKENWOOD Corporation, such as trade name, location of head office, and map are posted here.


Company Profile

Our company brochure in PDF format.


Management Team

The names and other information on Directors, Auditors and Executive Officers of JVCKENWOOD Corporation are posted here.


Group and Organization

JVCKENWOOD Group's affliated group companies and organization are posted here.


Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance and system



Business Risks

Potential risks that could have a major influence on the decisions of investors are posted here.


Risk Management

JVCKENWOOD Group's risk management activities are posted here.



Corporate History

Corporate History of JVCKENWOOD Group are explained here.