Brand Strategy

JVCKENWOOD Group own the three product brands under its corporate brand as  JVCKENWOOD. We are aiming to maximize the corporate value of the Group by clarifying the trust and the value which are accumulated in each brand and making the most use of their strengths.

Brand Architecture

Promotion of a multi-brand strategy

With multiple product brands under our corporate umbrella, JVCKENWOOD promotes a multi-brand strategy to clarify the roles and values of individual brands. We work to be able to communicate in concrete terms of each brand vision - “Imagination that magnifies human senses.” “Precision that exceeds limits.” and “Exploring a new era with pride”- in the form of experienced value for customers.


Corporate Brand

JVCKENWOOD is the Corporate Brand of the parent company JVCKENWOOD Corporation and JVCKENWOOD Group.




The JVCKENWOOD Group aims to achieve profitable growth as a global manufacturer creating excitement and peace of mind for customers and become a company widely trusted by society.

Product Brands

The followings are JVCKENWOOD’s two product brands.



JVC is a global brand which is highly recognized with its characteristic products and technology in the audio/video industry. It will enrich your life with fresh imagination that magnifies human senses.





KENWOOD is renowned with its brand keywords of “Sharpness” “Advanced” and “High quality”. It exceeds limits with uncompromising sharp sight and thinking.




Victor is the brand that business products and services expand beyond the traditional framework. We create the era with our pride in the history of innovation that we have cultivated and our searching for the sounds and images.



JVC Brand

The JVC brand creates joy in people’s lives

Under our vision for the JVC brand, we are developing business in a wide range of areas from audiovisual to healthcare, through image, sound technology and products. We work to create value for our customers as a brand creating joy in people’s lives, with various headphones to enjoy music in entertainment and sports settings, high-resolution projectors recognized for their high image quality, monitors for medical use, and also new genre products such as portable power supplies that are useful in various different situations.

Brand vision: “Imagination that magnifies human senses”

JVC brand products

AE series wireless headphones


The KENWOOD brand connects people and information

Under our vision for the KENWOOD brand, we are developing business in areas such as automotive and communications systems, through in-vehicle and communications technologies and products. We work to create value for our customers as a brand that connects people and information through products such as car navigation systems for comfortable driving, and dashcams and professional radio systems for the public sector.

Brand vision: “Sensitivity that exceeds limits”

KENWOOD brand products 

Saisoku-Navi car navigation system

Victor Brand

The Victor brand explores a new era with pride

Under our vision for the Victor brand, we are developing business in the audiovisual area through our commitment to provide the best image, sound technologies and products. We work to create value for our customers as a brand that explores a new era with pride, by providing solutions for sound using the proprietary out-of-head localization sound field processing technology EXOFIELD that reproduces the speaker sound field in a listening room on headphones, and the Wood Cone audio system that uses real wood on the diaphragm.

Brand vision: “Exploring a new era with pride”

Victor brand products 

Wood Cone audio system