Our Brands

Developing the Three Brands Familiar to Customers

The JVCKENWOOD Group promotes a multi-brand strategy with multiple product brands under the corporate umbrella.

Our three product brands, JVC, KENWOOD and Victor have long been popular with customers. Even today, when AI and the IoT have become cutting-edge technologies, we flexibly respond to the changing times while developing products and services that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. The three brands will continue to evolve through manufacturing.

JVC Brand

The JVC brand expands globally in a wide range of fields from audio and visual products to healthcare systems. In addition to its presence in the BtoB areas, we focus on people's lifestyles in the BtoC areas, proposing products and services that are closely related to people’s lives such as headphones with the concept of heavy bass and tough body, and portable power stations, for which the needs have been expanding in recent years.


The KENWOOD brand, with its red triangle brand logo that represents innovation, sharpness, and high quality, develops products based on audio and communication technologies. To push the limits of technology, we also provide wireless systems and in-vehicle cameras for the world of motorsports, where speed, temperature, vibration, and noise environments are all extreme. We are currently expanding our range of in-vehicle products and services, including dashcams (installed and communication types) to make driving safer and more comfortable, with the aim of further developing the Mobility and Telematics Service Sector that will lead our company into a new era.

Victor Brand

The Victor brand is familiar with the dog Nipper depicted in “His Master's Voice.” We have developed projectors equipped with D-ILA devices that express dynamic images, in addition to an out-of-head localization sound processing technology with inheriting the philosophy of “Closer to the Musical Truth”, an audio system named WOOD CONE that uses wood for the speaker diaphragm, and a wide range of headphones. We will continue to think outside the box and pursue technologies and products that are appropriate for the times.

※ Victor Brand should be used only in Japan as a Japanese domestic brand.