Business Outline

Business Outline

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The JVCKENWOOD Group aims to provide products, services, and solutions that realize the corporate philosophy of "Providing excitement and peace of mind for the people of the world" in the three business sectors: Mobility & Telematics Services, Safety & Security, and Entertainment Solutions.

Mobility & Telematics Services Sector

The Mobility & Telematics Services Sector consists of the OEM Business, which provides car navigation systems, dashcams, and other related products to customers through automobile manufacturers and dealers, and the Aftermarket Business, which provides products to customers through mass merchandisers and distributors. In the Telematics Service Business, we develop a high-performance dashcam business for automobile insurance, in which the industry's top-class dashcams are equipped with communication functions. Furthermore, by expanding our business areas to the data service business as an IoT platform business, we aim to provide solutions that contribute to a safer and more secure mobility.

Automotive Sector

Safety & Security Sector

The Safety & Security Sector consists of Communications Systems Business and Professional Systems Business. We provide products, services, and solutions that contribute to people's lives, livelihoods, and the creation of safe and secure cities through professional radio systems, wireless broadband solutions, security camera systems, professional broadcasting systems, and medical image display monitors.

Public Service Sector

Entertainment Solutions Sector

In the Entertainment Solutions Sector, we develop a wide range of products that respond to the stay-at-home demand due to the increase in time spent at home and the growing awareness of natural disasters and pandemics, as well as aim to expand next-generation optical communication related business with an eye on the 5G to 6G era. In the Entertainment Business, with a number of popular artists, we work to expand the share of the packaged and distributed music business and to strengthen the non-music business.

Media Service Sector