Network (Japan)Group and Organization

JVCKENWOOD Network (Japan)

Business Centers and R&D Bases

Name Location Main R&D Products
Head Office & Yokohama Business Center Yokohama, Kanagawa Video cameras, AV accessories, home audio, etc
Hachioji Business Center Hachioji, Tokyo Car electronics equipment
Hakusan Business Center Yokohama, Kanagawa Communications, video surveillance equipment, etc.
Kurihama Business Center Yokosuka, Kanagawa Projectors, D-ILA devices, Laser diodes, etc.

Principal Manufacturing Sites and Manufacturing Companies

Name Location Main Products
Head Office & Yokohama Business Center Yokohama, Kanagawa Electronic components (for optical pickups)
Kurihama Business Center Yokosuka, Kanagawa Electronic components (D-ILA devices, Laser diodes), Projectors
Yokosuka Business Center Yokosuka, Kanagawa CD and DVD discs (prerecorded)
JVCKENWOOD Yamagata Corporation Tsuruoka, Yamagata Telecommunications equipment, professional products
JVCKENWOOD Nagano Corporation Ina, Nagano Car electronics equipment
JVCKENWOOD Nagaoka Corporation Nagaoka, Niigata Medical display monitor solutions, On-vehicle substrates
JVCKENWOOD Interior Furniture Corporation Fukuroi, Shizuoka *The business related to manufacturing and sales of home furniture and unit furniture of JVCKENWOOD Interior Furniture Corporation was transferred to Valbanne CO.,Ltd on May 15, 2017.

Other Principal Affiliated Companies

Name Location Main Business
JVCKENWOOD Victor Entertainment Corporation Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Planning, production, and sales of audio and video
software, etc.
JVCKENWOOD Creative Media Corporation Yokosuka, Kanagawa Development, manufacturing and sales of recorded optical disks
JVCKENWOOD Public & Industrial Systems Corporation Yokohama, Kanagawa Development, sales manufacture, installation, maintenance and repair of professional audio, imaging and telecommunications equipment
JVCKENWOOD Video Tech Corporation Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Production, editing and sales of video, and studio operations
JVCKENWOOD Service (Japan) Corporation Yokosuka, Kanagawa After-sales services of audio and imaging equipment
JVCKENWOOD Engineering Corporation Yokohama, Kanagawa Development and design of hardware and software
JVCKENWOOD Design Corporation Setagaya-ku, Tokyo Planning and production of industrial designs
JVCKENWOOD Partners Corporation Hachioji, Tokyo Undertaking of welfare program, general, personnel, accounting and other affairs

As of April 1, 2018

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