Basic concept and promotion system


The JVCKENWOOD Group understands that compliance requires companies to go beyond simply observing laws and regulations and to also address issues of great public concern stemming from rapid changes that have yet to be dealt with in legislation. Among these issues are included reducing greenhouse gases and preventing workplace harassment and other infringements of human rights. Accordingly, we have established “Complying with laws and regulations and engaging in sincere and responsible behavior” as one of our new behavior guidelines, and ensuring proper operations in keeping with the JVCKENWOOD Group Compliance Activity Standards.


The Compliance Committee headed by the CEO and the Internal Governance Office will be leading company-wide efforts aimed at ensuring full compliance within the JVCKENWOOD Group.

Specific initiatives to promote compliance

Compliance Code of Conduct

The JVCKENWOOD Group Compliance Activity Standards (established in March 2010) has been promulgated among all executives and employees within the Group through pamphlets (available in three languages) and an Intranet site. Employees at affiliate companies under the Group’s purview are being familiarized with the Standards by Compliance Officers selected by the Board of Directors.

Compliance training

Education on compliance is principally the responsibility of the Internal Governance Office, which endeavors under the CEO’s guidance to thoroughly inform all executives and employees on compliance matters in order to construct a robust compliance structure. New employees are provided with training in face-to-face sessions while other employees are provided with regular training through e-learning on the Intranet. Compliance Officers conduct annual training for division heads and other executives on the topics covered by the Compliance Activity Standards and other related regulations as well as on the whistleblower system. About 4,000 executives and employees underwent one form or another of compliance training during FY2017.

Training on fair trade, corruption prevention, and anti-competitive behavior


Training on fair trade, corruption prevention, and anti-competitive behavior has heretofore been provided within the context of covering topics included in the Compliance Activity Standards but, in view of the particular importance of certain items, we plan from FY2018 to provide separate training (via e-learning) for all employees.

Internal Whistleblower System

JVCKENWOOD has two whistleblower systems – a whistleblower reporting system (Helpline) and an auditing informer system – available in Japanese and English to all executives and employees (including contract employees).


Employees having compliance concerns can directly report these concerns through the whistleblower reporting system (Helpline) established within the Internal Governance Office in line with Internal Whistleblower Rules, and corrective measures will be taken at the direction of the Compliance Committee. When accounting or auditing concerns arise, employees may use the auditing informer system set up at the Audit & Supervisory Board Office to directly report these. Both systems employ a dedicated communications system run by select personnel to protect the notifier’s name and maintain the confidentiality of the report. We will continue using both systems to detect and rectify compliance violations (behaviors that deviate from social norms).

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