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The JVCKENWOOD Group is promoting compliance activities through its Internal Governance Office and Compliance Committee, chaired by the CEO, to respond to the needs of society in light of its corporate ethics and moral responsibilities based on adherence to legal regulations.

Specific Promotion System

Compliance Activity Standards

The JVCKENWOOD Group Compliance Activity Standards were established in March 2010. These standards were circulated to all group employees in a booklet and via our intranet (in three languages) and our compliance supervisors (the presidents of affiliated companies, in principle) at all affiliated companies.

Compliance Action Standards

Compliance education

To establish a compliance structure, compliance education is supervised by the Internal Governance Office under the leadership of the CEO.

JVCKENWOOD implements compliance training for officers and employees of JVCKENWOOD and major affiliated companies through e-learning using the intranet and practical training.

Internal Whistleblower System

In our Group, the Auditing Informer System allows people to report financial or managerial suspicions to the Auditing Office. Other suspicions are reported using the Helpline set up by Internal Governance Office. Reports are made to appointed personnel over a specialized communication system to protect the privacy of the reports (informers).

Our Auditing Informer System is working through a combination of the Audit & Supervisory Board, which audits internal controls independently from management, on the other hand, our Helpline System is working through a combination of Compliance Committee, to detect and correct activities that do not adhere to our standards of conduct and the needs of society.

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