Policy for Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders

Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders


The Company holds constructive dialogue with shareholders with the aim of achieving sustainable growth and enhancing corporate value over the medium to long term. Through such dialogue, the Company shall clearly convey its management policy to shareholders and endeavor to gain their understanding, providing the Company’s management and the Board of Directors with feedback concerning the opinions and concerns of the shareholders obtained through dialogue, in the Company’s efforts to enhance corporate value.

Policy for Constructive Dialogue with Shareholders


1.The Chairman of the General Meeting of Shareholders shall serve as a supervisor who watches over the Company’s overall efforts to achieve constructive dialogue with shareholders, with the Director in charge also sharing the responsibility


2.The Shareholder Relations (SR) Department shall serve as the secretariat for holding dialogues between the Company and its shareholders. The SR Department shall exchange information regularly with the supervisor, Directors, the Finance & Accounting Division, and other related parties, who are engaged in constructive dialogues with shareholders. The SR Department  shall also exchange opinions regarding disclosure and the explanation of financial results and other matters, based on expertise in their respective fields, and work in cooperation to assist in the dialogue between the Company and its shareholders


3.The Company shall endeavor to obtain the shareholders’ understanding of management strategy and the business environment through financial results briefings, the disclosure of information on the Company’s website, and other means.


4.Feedback concerning the dialogue between the Company and its shareholders shall be provided to the Board of Directors in a timely and appropriate manner, and actively utilized in the Company’s medium- and long-term business development, and other matters.


5.The Company shall be well aware of the handling of insider information when holding dialogues with its shareholders, and shall conduct proper management and other treatment of insider information in accordance with the “Regulations for Timely Disclosure,” “Administrative Regulations for Insider Information,” and “Confidential Information Management Rules,” prescribed separately.