Improving Customer Satisfaction

JVCKENWOOD shares comments routinely provided by customers to customer support center and service departments and the opinions/impressions of registered users with operating departments and relevant in-house departments via the in-house Intranet as necessary. This allows us to rapidly improve products/services based on voice of customer, and to enhance the product and support information provided to customers.


Utilization system of Voice of Customer

Initiatives for customer satisfaction surveys


JVCKENWOOD employs a variety of methods to approach customers who have purchased our products/services and conducts customer satisfaction surveys. We have established a system that shares comments collected from customers with all managerial staff and employees so that they can be reflected in the products of the relevant operating departments.
We have also sought to improve customer satisfaction (CS) and product quality awareness among all employees by posting information to the in-house Intranet site (Voice of customer) and by periodically disseminating to employees an online CS/quality e-mail magazine (Quality Magazine). Sharing customer opinions through these efforts keeps employees continually aware of CS and quality as they go about their work duties.

1. Surveys

We reflect the voices from stakeholders to our products/services through the following two surveys.


1) CS questionnaire

Once a year we conduct a CS questionnaire survey for customers who have purchased our products and completed user registration to have them assess our products. We then use these customer assessments to improve our products and satisfy still more customers.



2) Visitor questionnaire

We conduct questionnaire surveys for customers who visit our five business centers (Head Office & Yokohama Business Center, Hachioji Business Center, Hakusan Business Center, Kurihama Business Center) so that our stakeholders can visit our company satisfyingly. Questionnaire results are shared with employees via the Intranet every month and we establish countermeasures and take responsive actions promptly based on these customer opinions.
By reflecting valuable voices form customers to business activities, we aim to improve employee awareness and to enhance quality and value within the entire company.

Visitor questionnaire

2. Voice of customer reports, CS information exchange meetings

Utilizing CS questionnaire surveys, voice of customer reports, and feedback at CS information exchange meetings, customer support centers and product business departments work together in considering and making improvements in subsequent products and customer support, along with reviews by other related business departments. In FY2017, in response to remarks about the difficulty of understanding the differences in dashcam models from the product information posted online, improvements were made by structuring the information provided in ways that made it more readily understandable.


CS information exchange meeting

3. Improving online communication capabilities

We have been using online communication tools to ensure that our website is easy for customers and other stakeholders to navigate, and that it provides the desired information accurately. We will aim to make more active use of the website as a tool for timely and proper disclosure of information, and to improve our online communication capabilities to meet the needs of a rapidly changing society.