Corporate History

2007 July Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC) and Kenwood Corporation (Kenwood) entered into an agreement on a capital and business alliance
October JVC and Kenwood established the technology development joint venture J&K Technologies Corp. (Later renamed J&K Car Electronics)
2008 October

JVC and Kenwood established the joint holding company JVC KENWOOD Holdings, Inc. through a stock transfer (JVC KENWOOD’s shares were listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange)

Management Integration

2009 December Launched the MDV-313, the first car navigation system for which the same JVC and Kenwood platform was adopted (Photo 1)
2011 February Launched the MDV-727DT and MDV-626DT, first-generation Saisoku-Navi devices that achieved high resolution and high-speed response
August JVC KENWOOD Holdings, Inc. changed its name to JVCKENWOOD Corporation
October Completed an absorption-type merger of its three subsidiaries: Victor Company of Japan, Limited, Kenwood Corporation, and J&K Car Electronics Corporation
2013 June Converted Shinwa International Holdings Limited (now JVCKENWOOD Hong Kong Holdings Ltd.), an in-car device manufacturing company in Hong Kong, into a consolidated subsidiary
July Took over all of the shares of TOTOKU Nagaoka Corporation through an absorption-type corporate split from TOTOKU Electric Co., Ltd., and changed the corporate name from TOTOKU Nagaoka to JVCKENWOOD Nagaoka Corporation
2014 March Obtained 100% ownership of EF Johnson Technologies, Inc., a company focused on delivering mission-critical, digital P25 communications solutions to the North American market
September Launched the NX-5000 series, the NEXEDGE series of multi-mode digital radio systems compliant with the P25 standard (Photo 2)
December Launched the KNA-DR300, a full HD dashcam that enables high resolution entered into the dashcam market (Photo 3)
2016 March Commenced a joint development of diagnostic instrument for the measurement of exosomes with Sysmex Corporation
April Established JVCKENWOOD Public & Industrial Systems Corporation, aiming to expand the Professional Systems Business
2017 March Announced the development of EXOFIELD, an out-of-head localization sound field processing technology which enables reproduction and localization of the sound field of speakers in a listening room with headphones
March Redefined the Victor brand to commemorate the 90th anniversary of the founding of the Victor Company of Japan, Limited (JVC)
2018 January Acquired all the shares issued by Italy-based Radio Activity S.r.l., a developer and seller of digital radio relay systems that are compliant with Digital Mobile Radio (DMR), an international digital radio standard
January Announced Progress and Revision of the Mid-to Long-Term Management Plan Vision 2020 launched in 2015
May Acquired all the shares issued by Germany-based Rein Medical GmbH, a developer and seller of Operating Room (OR) imaging solutions 
October Established Creative Nanosystems Corporation, a company that develops and manufactures IVD biodevices using micro and nano-fabrication technology, jointly with Sysmex Corporation
December Concluded agreement for a share acquisition and a capital and business alliance with Tait International Ltd., a professional radio communication systems company in New Zealand
2019 January Provided JVCKENWOOD's dashcam with communication capabilities to "Mimamoru Kuruma no Hoken," an insurance product jointly launched by Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance and Aioi Nissay Dowa Insurance  
April Commercialized a security service for drivers that uses dashcams with communication capabilities for Grab, Southeast Asia’s top car-hailing service

Photo 1. MDV-313

Photo 2. NEXEDGE NX-5000 series

Photo 3. KNA-DR300