Akira Suzuki

Date of Birth: Nov. 21, 1957

Mar. 1981 Joined Kenwood Corporation (currently JVCKENWOOD Corporation)
Oct. 2006 Chief Engineer of Communication Business Division, Chief Engineer of Strategic Technology Development Center, Kenwood Corporation
Jun. 2009 Director of the Board, General Executive and Chief Engineer of Radio System Business Division, Kenwood Corporation
Oct. 2011 Executive Officer, General Executive of Communication Business Division, PS Business Group, Chief Engineer of Communication Business Division, Kenwood Corporation
Jun. 2013 Managing Executive Officer of IT, General Executive of Communication Division, JVCKENWOOD Corporation
Apr. 2015 Managing Executive Officer of Professional System Segment, Senior Executive of Communications Systems Business, JVCKENWOOD Corporation
Jul. 2015 Assistant to Chief Operation Officer (COO) (Enhancement of Communications Systems), JVCKENWOOD Corporation
Jul. 2016 Managing Executive Officer Deputy COO Americas (Public Service Sector), JVCKENWOOD Corporation 
Apr. 2018 Executive Officer in Charge of Public Service Sector, JVCKENWOOD Corporation (current position)