Management Message

President & CEO Shoichiro EGUCHI

We share our philosophy of creating "excitement and peace of mind for the people of the world" as the fundamental belief of JVCKENWOOD Group's corporate behavior. Based on this philosophy, each of us will share with all our stakeholders the richness of life and diverse values that lead to inspiration and peace of mind.

For the fiscal year ended March 31, 2023, we achieved our record-high income levels for core operating income and below since the management integration, achieving the targets of the previous medium-term management plan "VISION 2023," one year ahead of schedule.

As the next step toward our long-term vision, we will further increase our corporate value by evolving "Change for Growth" through the formulation of our new medium-term management plan "VISION 2025" from an even more stakeholder-oriented perspective.

In formulating the new medium-term management plan, we also envisioned medium- to long-term business growth to ensure the Group's sustainable growth beyond the year 2030. To realize this growth, we will take initiatives based on the concept of "design management," which is more sensitive to human sensibilities and preferences than ever before and make the most of them in our management.

In the corporate philosophy, "excitement" refers to joy through sound and images, while "peace of mind" represents safety and peace of mind in the real world. Our basic management stance is to provide value by linking this philosophy to social issues, and our goal is to be a company that constantly pursues "excitement and peace of mind" and sustainable development.

June 2023

Representative Director of the Board, President and CEO

EGUCHI Shoichiro