Management Message

Creating Value for Our Customers


With the aim of achieving our corporate vision of “Creating excitement and peace of mind for the people of the world,” we devote constant efforts to enhancing customer satisfaction, as well as delivering sustainable growth and increasing our corporate value, guided by our new management principles of “Transforming into a customer value creator,” “Evolving as a technology-based company,” and “Contributing to a sustainable society through our business.”

Transformation into a Customer Value Creator

Customer value is the value perceived to be appropriate by customers, and the sources of customer value creation are products and services, as well as brands. The key to achieving the transformation into a customer value creator, one of our management principles, is to provide products and services that meet customer needs.


We believe what is critical in a rapidly changing market environment is to be adaptable and responsive to changes in the market and customer needs. We will, therefore, strive to become a customer value creator whose technological innovations are aligned with its activities for creating new value based on responsive marketing. 


Evolution as a Technology Based Company

The JVCKENWOOD Group will strengthen and promote its initiatives based on strategies related to both technologies and intellectual property, in order to further evolve as a company founded on technology. We will forge ahead with the development of technologies that respond to market needs, with efforts centering on our core technologies in the fields of audio, visual, and communications systems, and will be proactive in applying the immense amount of intellectual property and technologies we have cultivated in new technology areas, in addition to adopting highly innovative new technologies. 


Contribution to a Sustainable Society Through Our Business

In terms of contributing to building a sustainable society, the future management of JVCKENWOOD’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) can be described as a form of management that pursues the development of a business structure that allows us to create a better society and a sustainable society as we grow our business and as we strengthen our market position. In other words, JVCKENWOOD’s efforts to implement and accelerate its business strategies will naturally lead to achieving SDGs. All JVCKENWOOD’s business areas are linked to issues to be addressed in SDGs. As a result, we aim to achieve our mid- to long-term management plan and thereby achieve SDGs.


We hope to forge deep ties of trust with all of our stakeholders, while constantly striving to achieve sustainable growth and to enhance our corporate value. 


We look forward to your continued understanding and support. 


Shoichiro Eguchi
Representative Director of the Board, President and CEO