Management Message

President & CEO Shoichiro EGUCHI

- Aiming to Enhance Sustainable Corporate Value and to Be an Excellent Company –

The business environment surrounding our company is changing more quickly than anyone could have expected. In addition to the emergence of new business models brought about by digital transformation (DX) that utilizes new technologies such as AI and the IoT, corporate management is required to take the perspective of ESG and SDGs in order to realize a sustainable society.

The pace of these changes has accelerated suddenly as a result of the dramatic shifts in our society and lifestyles caused by the spread of COVID-19. Corporations will be required to further create new values and strengthen their corporate structures to respond to the fluctuating business environment from here on.

It is against this background that our company has formulated the New Medium-Term Management Plan VISION 2023, with “Change for Growth” as its basic strategy, in order to break away from the current situation by fundamentally reviewing our way of thinking and behavior, and to face new challenges. Based on this new management plan, which incorporates the two goals of “Change” to strengthen the revenue base of our existing business, and “Growth” to expand our growth business even further through new products and business operations, we will break through the stagnation of COVID-19 and move forward to new success.

Together with the formulation of VISION 2023, we have also reformed our management principles. We will strive to achieve VISION 2023 under the following three new management principles.

Management Principles

Creating value through Monozukuri

Monozukuri is the foundation of our company’s business. Often translated as "manufacturing" or "making of things," the word Monozukuri does not only refer to technology but includes all elements ranging from planning, development and design, design, branding, production, quality, costs, and user experience (UX). No matter how our business models may vary according to transitions in new technology and the business environment, we intend to continue to focus on our core, staying true to our spirit as a Monozukuri company.


Building a corporate culture that adapts and embraces change

Looking back on the past few years, and particularly the previous year in which we were confronted by the COVID-19 pandemic, worldwide trends and movements have shifted more quickly than we ever imagined, and have almost entered an entirely new dimension. For corporations from here on, flexibility and resilience to grow while responding quickly and adapting successfully to changes occurring before them will be essential. We believe that the ability to react to such changes will be a powerful source of corporate growth, and so we hope to face change with a bold stance and positive attitude.


Investing in people to strengthen capabilities and push boundaries

For manufacturing companies like ourselves to achieve “Change for Growth,” personnel who are both highly creative and eager to take on new challenges will be required, and innovation can only be born from the combination of multiple element technologies. These are not limited only to core technologies, but also include knowledge and experience, diversity, art, skills, and business models. Therefore, even if individual employees may have outstanding technical skills, ideas, or insights, without organizational integration it will be difficult to apply them and lead to innovation as a manufacturing company. In order to encourage the creation of new values by our employees for the society, we will carry out human resource development, organizational design, and management that will make it easier for innovation to be attained.

Under the promotion of the New Medium-Term Management Plan VISION 2023 and our new management principles, we will attempt to enhance our sustainable corporate value and to be an excellent company with both "strength" and "toughness” as we strive to achieve our Corporate Vision: “Creating excitement and peace of mind for the people of the world.”

July, 2021

Representative Director of the Board, President and CEO

EGUCHI Shoichiro