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  • ・Information for shareholders and investors on this Website is to provide financial and management information, and other information on JVCKENWOOD Corporation and its affiliates, however, we make no representations or warranties about the contents.

  • ・No information on this website constitutes an offer to sell, or a solicitation to purchase JVCKENWOOD’s stocks or bonds. The Company is not responsible for any investment decision made by website users. Please invest at your own risk.  

  • ・The expressions on this website that refer to the outlook for the Company shall be deemed as future forecast statements. Such statements are inherently susceptible to risks, uncertainty, and other factors, whether known or unknown, and may significantly differ from future performance.  

  • ・These statements represent the Company’s targets at the time of disclosure of the materials. The Company is under no obligation to update and publicize its future forecast statements in the event there are changes in the economic climate and market conditions affecting the performance of the Company.

  • ・Risk factors and other uncertainty which may affect the Company’s actual performance include: (1) violent fluctuations in economic circumstances and supply and demand systems in major markets (Japan, the U.S, the EU and Asia); (2) restrictions including trade regulations applicable to major markets including Japan and other foreign countries; (3) sharp fluctuations in the exchange rate of the U.S. dollar, euro, and such like against the yen; (4) market price fluctuations in capital markets; and (5) changes in social infrastructure due to short-term changes in technology and such like. Please note, however, that the above is not a comprehensive list of all the factors that may exert a significant influence on the Company's performance.