July 1, 2020


JVCKENWOOD to Conduct Verification Testing with Edge AI Camera under Joint Development with
BiZright Technology at North Pacific Bank as a Solution to Prevent Bank Transfer Scams

JVCKENWOOD Corporation (JVCKENWOOD) hereby announces that it will carry out verification testing of a solution to prevent fraud and bank transfer scams related to COVID-19 benefits and subsidy programs in an actual location of North Pacific Bank Ltd. (North Pacific Bank) using a prototype of the edge AI camera, which is under joint development with BiZright Technology Inc. (BiZright Technology).

Conceptual Model of Verification Testing

1. Outline and Purpose of Verification Testing

JVCKENWOOD set up the DX* Business Division in April 2019 with the aim of providing new value and services to customers through use of the latest digital technology and big data, including AI and IoT. Having developed edge AI cameras that use open source hardware jointly with BiZright Technology, the DX Business Division will use its prototype to carry out the upcoming verification testing as a solution to prevent fraud and bank transfer scams related to COVID-19 benefits and subsidy programs at an actual location of North Pacific Bank.

*Abbreviation of Digital Transformation


This solution uses an edge AI camera to monitor the behavior of people talking on the phone while operating the ATM or waiting for their turn and alerts bank staff to the possibility of a scam. Bank staff will then talk to the person at an appropriate timing to prevent a bank transfer scam, depending on the situation. The verification testing is intended to detect the situation of a person talking on phone at the ATM using an edge AI camera. Going forward, JVCKENWOOD will continue joint development with BiZright Technology toward commercialization of this solution in actual locations.

2. Date, Time and Venue of Verification Testing

Date and time


Planned to start on July 13, 2020, and continue for about six months



Some branches of North Pacific Bank

3. Features of Edge AI Camera and Future Development

Videos recorded by cameras, except those taken by security camera systems for security purposes, must be handled with care from the perspective of privacy protection. Therefore, a solution that records images from cameras and transmits them to its server through a network is required to incorporate a system to protect privacy.

The edge AI camera to be used in the scheduled verification testing will not record videos but put them into a deep learning process within the camera and analyze them independently without transmitting them to a server. This mechanism hence makes this system a solution with extremely low risk of leaking privacy data. Furthermore, this system will not raise concerns about compromising preexisting security because it does not use the bank’s current network.

JVCKENWOOD will speed up the development of edge AI cameras not only by making better use of the expertise that it has accumulated in video technology on both sides of hardware and software, but also through proactive cooperation with other companies whereby JVCKENWOOD aims to provide solutions through edge AI cameras to the financial industry, where the scheduled verification testing will take place, as well as to a variety of manufacturing and retail and services industries.

4. Overview of BiZright Technology

Company name


BiZright Technology Inc.



2nd Floor, Kyowa Homes Enju Ochanomizu Building, 2-17-2 Sotokanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0021, Japan

President and CEO


President, Representative Director of the Board Hiromi Tanaka



July 5, 2006



Development of software and hardware





The company is a group of professionals who develop software with an understanding of hardware. It offers the edge box “BH” with Raspberry Pi as its core, is strengthening efforts in the edge AI and IoT fields, and also plans to put camera-incorporated devices on the market in September 2020. The company developed media for dynamic digital signage that uses AI technology and has been operating the system inside carriages of Saitama Railway (directly connected with the Tokyo Metro “Namboku-line” and the Tokyu “Meguro-line”) since April 2020. The company was listed on the TOKYO PRO Market, Tokyo Stock Exchange (Security Code 4383) on May 2, 2018.

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