August 28, 2020


JVCKENWOOD Wins EISA Awards 2020-2021  

Wireless theater system, in-vehicle multimedia AV receiver, and dashcam


JVCKENWOOD Corporation hereby announces that its wireless theater system XP-EXT1, in-vehicle multimedia AV receiver DMX9720XDS, and dashcam DRV-A501W have won the 2020-2021 Best Product of the Year Award in the EISA (Expert Imaging and Sound Association) Award. This is one of the most prestigious product awards in the European electronics sector.

Award-winning Product

■ Home Theater Headphone Award 2020-2021: JVC EXOFIELD THEATER XP-EXT1 (overseas model)

XP-EXT1, which we are developing under the JVC brand, is a wireless theater system equipped with our proprietary out-of-head localization sound field processing technology “EXOFIELD.” It enables the user to experience a three-dimensional sound field at home, as if the user were sitting in a movie theater, live concert hall or stadium. Personal characteristics which had traditionally been measured in a dedicated audio room can now be easily measured at home with a newly developed dedicated smartphone app. The user can reproduce the best sound field effect for the user’s personal characteristics even with headphones as if the user were listening through multichannel speakers.

*In Japan, this is developed under the Victor brand.

Comment to Winner from EISA

An innovative alternative to a speaker-based setup, JVC’s XP-EXT1 system offers immersive 7.1.4 audio via wireless headphones. Able to decode native Dolby Atmos and DTS:X bitstreams, and upscale stereo or multichannel movie and music content to a 3D soundfield through proprietary EXOFIELD technology, this brings a personal element to your home entertainment. A supplied wireless transmitter with 4K-capable HDMI connectivity acts as the hub between your sources and TV, and offers preset sound modes tailored to different genres. Up to four individual calibrations can be taken via JVC’s smartphone app, so family members can also enjoy the enveloping performance of the XP-EXT1’s 40mm-driver headphones. Consider this home theatre, reinvented.

■ In-Car Head Unit Award 2020-2021: KENWOOD DMX9720XDS (overseas model)

DMX9720XDS, which we are developing under the KENWOOD brand, has a large 10.1-inch floating display. Its angle and vertical position can be adjusted to ensure comfortable operability with a touch panel. This mechaless model specialized in linking with smartphones offers a variety of types of in-car entertainment with high sound quality that only we can provide. These include Wireless CarPlay, which allows you to control iPhone functions wirelessly, Android Auto, High Resolution Audio streaming and video file playback.

Comment to Winner from EISA

A head unit that offers it all, Kenwood‘s DMX9720XDS mixes user-friendly features with a high-quality design and premium sound. Its 10.1in anti-reflection HD touchscreen has an intuitive, customisable interface that’s the gateway to its extensive talents, including wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto integration, dual smartphone connection, and support for up to four dashcams for a full-angle view. For sonic entertainment, meanwhile, it’s compatible with high-resolution audio files including FLAC and DSD, LDAC streams over Bluetooth 5.1, and delivers radio via DAB+. HDMI and USB inputs cater to HD video. Consider this the perfect driving companion for connected entertainment lovers.

■ In-Car Dashcam Award 2020-2021: KENWOOD DRV-A501W (overseas model)

DRV-A501W, which we are developing under the KENWOOD brand, not only offers Wide Quad HD (WQHD) recording, which has a resolution about 1.8 times that of full HD, but also has a High Dynamic Range (HDR) capability, which combines multiple images recorded in different exposures. The wireless LAN support enables video playback and setting change on smartphones. Equipped with a G sensor for event recording and parking recording, as well as a detachable system that allows easy removal, this product provides safety and security to the driver.

Comment to Winner from EISA

The DRV-A501W is a dashcam with brains, and one that brings its users peace of mind. Its Wide Quad HD camera integrates HDR and a polarisation filter for superior quality regardless of lighting conditions. Recordings can then be viewed instantly on its full-colour 3in display (a first for Kenwood), and transferred via onboard Wi-Fi to a smart device for editing and uploading, with GPS data information. A Smart Parking Mode uses the in-built G sensor to automatically instigate recording when the vehicle is parked, meaning any collisions are caught on camera, while a second rear camera can be added to enable simultaneous Full HD recording. A Quick Release mounting system makes installation slick and simple. This dashcam solution will let you drive with confidence.

About the EISA Awards

EISA Awards are presented for new products that offer a combination of leading-edge technologies, valuable features, advanced designs, and superior cost performance. Also known as the European Awards, the prominence and authority of these EISA Awards are recognized by consumers and manufacturers alike in Europe, as well as in most countries around the world, as proof of excellence. EISA is an organization comprising editors who represent renowned Europe-based magazines in the fields of Audio & Home Theater, In-Car Electronics, Photo, Video, and Mobile Devices. It was established in 1982 and the current membership includes over 55 magazines in 29 countries, mainly in Europe. Each year, they select the best products in Audio & Home Theater, In-Car Electronics, Photo, Video, and Mobile Devices, from manufacturers all around the world, and bestow their prestigious awards.

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