February 25, 2021


JVCKENWOOD Exhibits at ECR*1 2021 Online
Proposing various medical image solutions that leverage proprietary image and video processing technology


JVCKENWOOD Corporation (JVCKENWOOD) will exhibit at ECR*1 2021 Online, which will be held online from March 3 (Wed) to 10 (Wed).

*1: European Congress of Radiology

JVCKENWOOD will exhibit new products for the i3 Series of medical image displays for PACS*2, including high-resolution, 12-megapixel, multi-modality medical imaging monitor CL-S1200 on the designated ECR2021 website. In addition, JVCKENWOOD will propose medical solutions centered on medical image displays that leverage its proprietary image and video processing technology in order to solve users’ problems in the field of medical imaging and enable them to use products safely in various situations.

*2: Picture archiving and communication systems. Medical image management systems that receive image data taken by imaging systems, such as CR, CT, and MRI, through networks and store/manage the data.

Main Exhibits (JVCKENWOOD Booth: EXPO X5)

1. Exhibition of latest product lines of i3 Series of medical image displays for PACS*2

1) 12-megapixel multi-modality medical imaging monitor CL-S1200 (new product)

We will exhibit multi-modality medical imaging monitor CL-S1200 (color) as a new product for the highly popular i3 Series of medical image displays for PACS*2.

As the product realizes a high-resolution, 12-megapixel display performance and can be adjusted for color display and brightness according to the type of modality, it efficiently displays CT, MRI, ultrasound, pathology, and various other medical images. Equipped with a reading light and rear light, it supports keyboard operation, notetaking, and other tasks in a darkroom and reduces stress on the eyes. In addition to considering display viewability, usability, and space saving, it features a design that removes surface unevenness and gaps to the extent possible, making it easy to wipe and disinfect the display.


2) 2-megapixel monochrome medical image display MS-S200 (new product)

We will exhibit the 2-megapixel medical image display MS-S200 (monochrome) as a new product for the i3 Series of medical image displays for PACS*2.

With a high-contrast ratio of 1800:1, it truly reproduces subtle shading and gradation necessary for X-ray medical images, including chest images of patients with new coronavirus infections. Equipped with human presence sensor, it also reduces power consumption by automatically powering down the monitor to standby mode when the user leaves from front of monitor. In addition, it is compatible with network quality monitoring software PM Medivisor and enables remote monitor control. The grayish white backside color that harmonize with modality equipment in environment.


2. Quality control software solution for medical imaging display QA Medivisor Agent V1.7

We will feature a quality control software solution for medical imaging displays, QA Medivisor Agent V1.7. The product centrally performs an acceptance test, constancy test, calibration, DICOM conformance test, and other tests necessary to maintain the display quality of monitors installed in a medical setting based on various guidelines in each country. It offers a feature to partially customize QA test functions which differ according to country, helping users to reduce the maintenance workload such as setting a schedule for automatic execution of various functions. It comes with a multi-language feature and keeps on evolving to provide support to users.

Conceptual image of QA Medivisor Agent V1.7 display

3. Multi-function surgical monitor CLINIO

We will propose smart display management solutions for multi-source imaging information (biological information, X-ray information, operation field/operation site images, endoscope images, and robotic operation images). With CLINIO, our surgical monitor for maintaining hygiene, improving safety, and achieving efficient operation. The aim is to ensure safety and security in operating rooms and other medical facilities during a time where we coexist with COVID-19 and the new normal.


Outline of ECR*1 (European Congress of Radiology) 2021 Online

Exhibition period

March 3 (Wed) to March 10 (Wed), 10 am–5 pm (local time, respectively)
Note: ECR will be held from March 3 (Wed) to 7 (Sun)


European Society of Radiology

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