March 25, 2021


JVCKENWOOD Exhibits at International Technical Exhibition of Medical
Imaging 2021 (ITEM in JRC2021)
Exhibiting the latest product line of medical image displays and
anti-infection, waterproof keyboards and mice

JVCKENWOOD Corporation (JVCKENWOOD) will exhibit at the International Technical Exhibition of Medical Imaging 2021 (ITEM in JRC2021) to be held at PACIFICO Yokohama from Friday, April 16 to Sunday, April 18.

The JVCKENWOOD booth will exhibit the latest medical image displays that support diagnostic imaging. JVCKENWOOD will propose and exhibit a number of products that are suited to various situations. They include the i3 series of monitors for PACS*1 centered on CL-S1200 with a high resolution of 12 million pixels, the highest in the industry*2; a cost-effective and practical monitor for hospital information system; monitors that support each medical imaging modality such as CT, MRI, Angio (vascular imaging system); and an endoscopy. In addition, we will introduce products that can meet changing demands in medical settings, including the MEDIGENIC series of anti-infection, waterproof keyboards and mice that contribute to preventing the spread of COVID-19.

*1: Picture Archiving and Communication Systems. Medical image management systems that receive image data taken by imaging systems, such as CR, CT, and MRI, through networks and store/manage the data.
*2: For medical monitors used for radiology diagnostic imaging (as of March 25, 2021; based on a survey by JVCKENWOOD).

Conceptual image of JVCKENWOOD booth

Main Exhibits (JVCKENWOOD Booth: No.B5-01)

1. Exhibiting the latest product line of medical image displays

1) 30.9-inch, 12 million-pixel high-resolution medical image display CL-S1200

The CL-S1200, a new product in the i3 series of medical image displays for PACS*1 will be exhibited. A wide screen with a high resolution of 12 million pixels, the highest in the industry*2, not only enables two windows side-by-side for mammography images but also efficiently displays CT, MRI, ultrasound, pathology, and various other medical images. It helps to improve doctors’ work efficiency, reduce workload, and allow for effective use of space. In addition, by applying an antibacterial*3 coating to the body part that people frequently touch and adopting a design that considers hygienic control, it supports measures to prevent infection in hospitals.

*3: This product does not have antibacterial effects against all bacteria. Antibacterial coatings are not applied to the stand and the glass filter.


2) Hospital information system monitors CL-R211, CL-R190

We will exhibit CL-R211 and CL-R190 as cost-effective and practical medical image displays for hospital information system. These monitors comply with the DICOM Part 14 gradation curve, which is required for medical image display such as monochrome images of CT, MRI, CR/DR in addition to supporting hospital information system and reporting.


3) Monitor for modality (reference exhibition)

As a monitor for modality system, we will exhibit a 19-inch color LCD monitor that is compact and offers high usability and specializes in Angio (vascular imaging system) and X-ray TV inspection.

4) Multi-function surgical monitor CLINIO

We will propose smart display management solutions for multi-source imaging information (biological information, X-ray information, operation field/operation site images, endoscope images, and robotic operation images) with CLINIO, our surgical monitor for maintaining hygiene, improving safety, and achieving efficient operation. The aim is to ensure safety and security in operating rooms and other medical facilities during a time where we coexist with COVID-19 and the new normal.


2. Anti-infection, waterproof keyboards and mice “MEDIGENIC series”

The anti-infection, waterproof keyboards and mice in the MEDIGENIC series will be exhibited. The keyboards have dust-proof/waterproof features*4 and can be disinfected with alcohol. An entirely flat design enables easy cleaning/sterilization and reduces unwiped areas. They provide a clean and safe medical environment by preventing the spread of infection in hospitals caused by sharing devices in modality operating rooms, examination rooms, nurse stations, and other locations.

*4: Dust-proof feature is IP code grade 6 (JIS protection grade 6) equivalent, waterproof feature is IP code grade 5 (JIS protection grade 5) equivalent.

Outline of International Technical Exhibition of Medical Imaging 2021 (ITEM in JRC2021)



April 16 (Fri) 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

April 17 (Sat) 9:30 am to 5:00 pm

April 18 (Sun) 9:30 am to 3:00 pm



Japan Radiology Congress (JRC)



Japan Medical Imaging and Radiological Systems Industries Association (JIRA)



PACIFICO Yokohama Exhibition Hall A (partial), B, C, D (plan)

Official website



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