Update on JVCKENWOOD Statement on Unauthorized Access to European Sales Company Servers

October 8, 2021


As announced on September 29, JVCKENWOOD Corporation (JVCKENWOOD) detected unauthorized access on September 22 (local time) to the servers operated by some of the JVCKENWOOD Group’s sales companies in Europe. It was confirmed that there was a possibility of data breaches by the third party who made the unauthorized access. A detailed investigation has been conducted by the external specialized agency in collaboration with the relevant authorities. The following information has been confirmed at this time.

The investigation is ongoing and new information may become available in the future. The following is a summary of the facts that have been generally confirmed at this time as of October 8, 2021.


1. Detected unauthorized access   

On September 22 (local time), due to the failures of the servers including the mail systems and the file systems of the sales bases in the Netherlands, Belgium and the United Kingdom, the system and the network were immediately shut down. As a result of the analysis and investigation by the external organization, it was determined that the unauthorized access was from a third party. JVCKENWOOD has reported the incident to the police and other relevant authorities in accordance with local laws and regulations, and is taking action by following their instructions.


2. Extent of possible data breaches and types of information

  • 1.     Extent: Various types of information stored in the servers including the file systems of the sales bases in Europe
    • ・JVCKENWOOD Europe B.V. (Netherlands)
    • ・JVCKENWOOD Europe B.V. Benelux Branch (Belgium)
    • ・JVCKENWOOD U.K. Limited (U.K.)
    • *Total of three bases: 116 employees, approximately 7.5 billion yen sales (fiscal year ended March 2021)
  • 2.     Types of information
    • ・Personal information: Business partners, employees including retired employees and expatriate employees from Japan  
    • ・Company information: Sales information, accounting information, and other information
    • *Data breaches of the above information has not been confirmed at this time.


3. Future actions

JVCKENWOOD has been taking measures to build IT security, protect data, and train employees.  In the wake of this incident, the company will further strengthen security with the cooperation of experts to reduce the chance of reoccurrence, and at the same time, thoroughly educate all employees to further tighten the management for handling personal information.

The sales bases in Europe have returned to normal operations, and the impact of this matter on the consolidated business performance of the JVCKENWOOD Group is currently considered to be minor. A separate announcement will be made promptly when disclosure is required.

JVCKENWOOD sincerely regrets any concern it may have caused and we are doing everything that is within our power to minimize the risk for the data subjects involved. We deeply appreciate your understanding.